s your email marketing campaign making some noise? Undoubtedly, emails have become a favourite communication mode for most business today. Especially when email usage is projected to expand to nearly 4 billion users by 2020. The competition for catchy emails is growing. Catchy headlines, compelling pitch, call to action buttons and the list goes on. Your email marketing campaign is ready to roll! But, generating a click on your email is just half the battle. The real challenge is to make the prospect click and then check out the offer. This is where interactive design comes into the picture! Remember, without effective layout design and attention-grabbing message content, your emails will end up in the trash box. In fact, when it comes to piquing your customer interest right away, the first impression matters. And there’s no second chance! Imagine, for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can earn up to $38 dollars or 3,800% ROI. So, don’t let your lack of email designing skills prevent you from getting the results you want. 

Designing an effective Email Marketing campaign  

Conceptually, designing an impressive email is not just about choosing the right colors, impressive graphics, or even the layout. In fact, it’s more than that. As a matter of fact, design begins at the email conceptualization stage, much much before the user clicks it open. Every step including the drafting of a perfect subject line, use of fonts, or images to improve the aesthetic appeal of the message counts. Well, the entire process involves several components that goes on to create the perfect email marketing experience.  

Email Marketing Campaign Design Tips 

In order to create a perfect email experience, your email must be visually appealing. At the same time, your content layout should also be consistent with the visual theme. However, you don’t have to be a professional designer to achieve this.  Since, there is a wide array of pre-designed email templates to choose from to ease your task. If you are a first timer in email designing from scratch, here are a few design tips to help you create the first impression in email marketing message. 

#Tip 1 Keep your subject line short, sweet, & crisp  

Essentially, the subject line is the first interaction with your reader. A captivating subject line will grab the attention of your audience. Indeed, subject lines grab the first impression. Remember, your primary objective behind creating email campaigns is to ensure optimized email campaign performance and improving click-through rates. Generally, it takes just about 40-50 characters to make an impression on the reader. And, you have limited space to use sparingly.

Here are a few pointers to optimize your subject line.

  • Highlight the benefit of opening the email such as an offer, or free stuff 
  • Personalize by including the recipient name 
  • Keep it short, simple and sweet 
  • Include a sense of mystery to pique the recipient’s curiosity 
  • Communicate a sense of urgency to compel readers to click 
  • Avoid the use of spam words, such as “free” or “cash” 

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#Tip 2 Use the right colors for your email copy  

If you are thinking that email body colors do not matter, you are wrong! Don’t get carried away when you are designing the email template as colors act as visual cues that influence purchases. Since, each color triggers a psychological response in the readers and creates the desired mood. So, choose colors and hues that fit with your brand personality and the campaign message to promote positive decision making. For example, if you are creating the Christmas email marketing campaign, red and green will make it eye-catchy and easily stand out. Likewise, choose your colors wisely.  

#Tip 3 Include videos  

Did you know that incorporating videos in your email pitch can increase open rates by 6%? Since videos are more entertaining, adding videos that correspond to email pitch gets half of the job done! Videos not only enhance credibility but also provide important information to your readers about your products and services. Also, you can boost audience engagement rates incredibly by including videos into your marketing emails. 

#Tip 4 Incorporate a brand logo  

The typical user scans the content top-to-bottom and left-to-right. So, the top left corner is the first thing that your users pay attention to. And, this is where you should place your logo. The logo aids in the brand recognition process. Branding plays a crucial role in your email marketing campaigns. Your logo communicates the essence of your brand to your readers. People identify brands with the core traits reflected by the brands. Hence, make sure your campaign text and design are consistent with your brand image.  

#Tip 5 Use images that support your message  

It’s a no-brainer that in this photo-crazed digital world, customers too love to see images in their emails. Therefore, to delight customers, why not add some candid images that intrigue readers and motivate them to read the marketing content. In short, incorporate a combination of images and text into your email campaign. Further, the use of images of real people to narrate a story is considered best practice since it lends a genuine touch to your messages. Also, readers find it easier to co-relate and emotionally connect with the message. However, make use of images wisely in the campaigns. Ensure it’s well-coordinated, complements the campaign text, and blends in with your individual brand style. 

Want to learn more about visual trends and email marketing campaign design tactics? Contact us to find this secret and let us help you build your campaigns reach the right inbox.