5 Key Benefits of Achieving Customer Service Excellence for your Brand

Good brands connect customers but, great brands with customer service excellence deliver value to stand out in the crowd. However, materializing this customer service excellence journey that makes or breaks any customer relationship is challenging. Truly, you might find many players in the marketplace working towards the culture of customer service excellence. But only a few brands are successful in “Wowing” their customers with outstanding customer service excellence in the long run. If you are merely a service-oriented organization offering a superior product but ignoring customer experience, chances are you might be losing your customers. Remember, it’s up to the customers to continue doing business with you or not.  In order to improve customer experience, first, you need to understand what customer service excellence or brand excellence is.

What is customer service excellence

Did you know that 89% of brands today are competing based on customer experience alone? Be it product quality, customer service or just the way you make the customer feel about it- everything plays its role in shaping customer service excellence. In particular, customer service excellence is an ongoing process that goes beyond customer experience. In fact, excellent customer service starts with an attempt to delight the customers and optimize the cumulative experience. That is to say, attending them right from the moment they step into store, what they look at, think and feel, and how you address every service challenge to make the experience better counts! So now you can relate how retail giants such as Zappos and Amazon have achieved customer service differentiator success by following this secret recipe.

Why should you invest in excelling in customer service

Are you yet to identify the factors that account for excellence in customer service? 56% of customers around the world have stopped doing business with a company because of one negative experience.

Truly, you can bring your brand to life by offering excellent customer service and customer experience. It is essential to understand the relative importance that customers put on attributes that can take your business to the next level. Thereafter, you can match your investment in excellence with these priorities. For example, ambiance and sales might be least valued by customers. On the contrary, low prices, variety, extensive selection, offers, and discounts are more valued! Similarly, unlike your great-looking interactive business website, maybe it’s your frontline team that can steal the deal by making the biggest impression!

5 Key benefits of achieving brand excellence

In order to drive brand excellence, why not go the extra mile to pamper, surprise and delight your customer? In fact, great customer service not only develops long term customer relationships but also generates repeat sales. Here are 5 best key benefits of driving good customer service or customer service excellence for your brand:

1. Convert customers into loyal advocates

If you deliver excellent customer service, there is a chance to win more customers. Eventually, customers who are satisfied with your brand service will turn into loyal brand advocates. In addition, they are also more likely to patronize your brand.

2. Boost brand image

Since brand awareness is one of the contributing factors behind the success of the business, a good first impression is an excellent opportunity to increase customer acquisition rates. Conversely, this will not only improve your brand image but also lead to additional business.

3. Gain a competitive advantage

What is your unique selling proposition? Surely, you might offer something uniquely different to your customers that separates your brand from the rest. But good customer care and excellent customer service can set you apart from your competitors. Remember, customer is the king. And if you make him/her feel like a king/ queen, customers will always remember this sense of uniqueness about you.

4. Higher profits

Did you know that customer satisfaction has a significant impact on customer retention rates? Yes, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer service. Truly, better customer experience and customer care not only increases customer retention but also generate more profits.

5. Happy customers will generate more business revenues

The happier your customers are, the greater the profit and the higher the business revenues. It’s easy to generate revenues straight from the customer’s wallet because happy customers will always spend more. In fact, a satisfied customer will not hesitate to spend extra in exchange for great customer experience.

To conclude, customer service excellence is your ultimate business goal. You need happy and loyal customers to keep your business running. Sign Up today in order to deliver outstanding customer support services and re-define your customer experience.