Sales technique to turn more leads into customer

5 proven sales techniques that’ll help you turn more leads into customers

Selling is a task as one has to spend hours to close a particular deal as the probable lead whom the individual plans to sell may not show any interest regarding buying a specific product or service from them as one might wonder whether the sales techniques, they are following are appropriate or not? The key lies to selling when to adapt which method, as it helps you to understand how to adapt which sales technique and at what time? sales experts across the globe shared some best advice and sales closing techniques, to make the selling process seamless. One can get more leads and convert them to deals if one follows these techniques thoroughly.

1.  Help Your Prospects Discover the Pain Points:

Make the brands distinct from the competitors by letting the prospects know about products, or how the service would solve their problems and fulfill their demands. If one talks to their leads about the products and how that will benefit them, which they haven’t considered before, one is regarded as a product authority- which increases their trust- so the prospects will buy from you. The following strategy is a consultative sales approach as salespersons are regarded as advisors, as they take the sales pressure of both the customers and the sales agent.

In recent periods, people can determine whether a brand is authentic or not? the real message won’t resonate if the brand fails to resolve the problems of its prospects, as companies should try to understand the authentic demand of their clients and ask questions regarding their pain points. Some of the questions that often pop up in the mind of the agents are as follows:

  • What are the biggest challenges faced by a client?
  • What is the result if one fails to resolve the problem of their leads?
  • What will this cost their business if this continues?

Sometimes the prospects are not sure about their demands as one should aid the leads by understanding their needs, and ask open-ended questions to uncover the prospect’s demands. By asking open-ended questions, one can understand their client’s demands and aid them to avail the best of their services.

2. Follow the 80-20 Rules:

The Pareto principles state that 80 percent of the consequences come from 20 percent of the causes, as in terms of sales, agents normally deal with 20 percent of leads who are most likely to convert. Organizations need to identify the high-value leads that are necessary to chase, as companies should search those leads with the aid of a data set. One should track the valuable prospects and find out their regular demands, as the salespeople can quickly identify the pattern of a particular company, try to find a group of similar customers among the leads.

The manual method only works if one has a set of 10 leads, whereas the sales agents of today will have 100 probable prospects in their sales bucket. Sales CRM of ngDesk helps you to find similarities among potential customers, and use this CRM tool to monitor the leads and track the negligible opportunities as they move through the sales pipeline.

3. Never Force For Sales Conversion:

As a sales representative, when one speaks with a lead, in back of the mind, the pressure remains is to close the deal and fulfill their sales target. If someone closes the sale with a customer who isn’t interested in their products or services can lead to a problem in the long run, as there is a higher chance of getting a dissatisfied customer. Dissatisfied customer will always want to pull off all the avail services in the mid-way because they will earn dissatisfaction from their services and the best way to win a lead is by continuously following up with the customers and send them to a sales representative who can solve all their problems, as one can gain the credibility of their business from the leads but also trust from them. They might not buy any products or services, but spread positivity about the overall experience of the brand, as being honest and upfront will enable an individual business to earn a sales lead, as, the customers will learn how the organization can solve their problems instantly.

4. Sell with Stories:

Are you planning to rescue a boring sales conversation? Always, web a story to grab the attention of the prospects and aid them to see how they can succeed with the products and services. Individual love stories, so it resonates on a deeper level, that’s why storytelling and narration work successfully in sales. The simple way to start a story is by making it conversational by using “you” and “we” while communicating with your customers, as the client becomes the focus of the story and not the brand. The customer should be the hero of the entire story, and narratively frame the sales pitch, so the prospects using products or services can overcome their challenges.

Always relate the story to a real-life scenario so they can easily relate it, as these kinds of narrative conversations promote the products and make the customers avail the brand immediately. Sometimes perfect sales presentation also attracts their attention and let them buy the products and services, and use the sales stories to create a bandwagon effect, a psychological sales tactic, then clients can base their buying decisions on social proof. The sales pitch should justify the brand, and how other customers, after availing these products have got maximum benefit from it, also testimonials and reviews can be used as proof to their customers, if they use the products, how it will benefit them.

5. Mirror the Leads:

Emulate the behavior and communication style of a prospect to increase the trust factor and the sales prospects as people communicate openly with the individual who thinks alike. Mirroring is a way to synthesize that feeling into something that boosts sales and sales agent not only adjust their body language. Repeat the last three to four words used by their clients, and mirroring, at the same time, promotes active listening too. One should decide which sentence is worth repeating rather than mindlessly reciting, it happens best when a sales expert has a one-to-one conversation with their prospects.

This is where ngDesk sales CRM comes in handy, as one can easily track customer interaction, and keep a close eye on the sales pipeline as it will help to determine which technique is most effective in securing new sales prospects.

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