custom email address for your business is a necessity today. Which of these email addresses would you choose first to contact if you are looking for a doctor’s appointment online – info@stanley.medhance.com or stanley22@gmail.com?  Obviously, you will pick the first one! Why? Because it’s a no brainer that branded email address reflects business credibility. Certainly, without the name of the business, the professional value and credibility of a brand is lost. According to the VeriSign survey, 65% of customers trust a company’s branded email address, unlike any other free email address. That is to say, the custom email address reflects to your customers that your business is legitimate and adds professionalism to your service. 

Imagine, out of the 293.6 billion emails sent and received every day, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the average expected ROI is $42. Well, you certainly cannot let this opportunity slip away by promoting your business using a free email account, right? This is because your customer will easily trust an email address that mirrors your brand name. Essentially, when you are sending email messages to customers, it’s your branded email address that’s going to make the first impression! 

Custom Email ID – Why is it more than just an email address? 

Did you know how to check if a business is genuine? Well, it’s simple. Just check the email extension. For example, rather than something@gmail.com, an address like something@brandname.com sounds more credible. Isn’t it? You might be a yahoo user or a Gmail fan. But you cannot negate the fact that an anonymous entity not only seems unprofessional but also likely to get crushed down sooner or later. However, many business owners are still tempted to use a free email service to save big. But, in doing so, they expose their business email account to the risk of hacking. Remember, hackers love a free email account. For them, gaining smooth access to spam your list of business contacts that include clients, vendors and business partners is no big deal. Moreover, when you are marketing via a free account, you are advertising for that free email account service and NOT your own business. So, let’s get the consequences right. 

If you are taking free email service for granted –

  • you are missing out on a marketing opportunity
  • you become the most potential target for hackers 
  • your account is too impersonal to deliver customer service that people will recognize 
  • you lack professional appeal
  • your email account looks spammy 

How does professional email address improve brand credibility?  

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to have your own business email account. Every email message is a chance to build your customer base. The goal is simple – getting your business in front of everyone. And to make your business known to everyone, creating a custom email address is the first step. Still not convinced. Take a look at the 5 powerful ways that custom email address can boost brand credibility for your support team. 

1. Build brand trust and credibility 

It’s relatively easy to ruin business credibility with an unprofessional email address. Since your competitors use a custom email address, it makes sense for you to seize the same level of marketing opportunities or credibility. Moreover, a custom email address for your brand makes your business look more professional. Also, your business looks more legitimate and that adds value to your brand. An appropriate business email ID easily conveys trustworthiness and spreads the vibe of authenticity among consumers. 

2. Stay at the top of data security 

If you are allowing your employees to use a free personal email account, you are exposing yourself to potential security risks. Further, you do not have any control over email privacy settings and other legal concerns as it is not a dedicated email account. Rather, why not adopt an inexpensive way to stay at the top of data security by creating a company email account?  Makes sense. Right? 

3. Filter out subscriber’s spam folder 

A custom email address helps you to stay out of the subscriber’s spam folders. Obviously, if your brand mail address shows as @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc. the recipient is more likely to mark it as spam. Not only that hurt your IP reputation score but also affects your conversion rates. Moreover, if your account is canceled, your customers can never get in touch with you and your business will be instantly obsolete. Hence, it’s better to avoid this disaster by owning a dedicated email address. 

4. Create the first impression on customers 

Since this is an opportunity to create the very first impression on customers, the custom email ID shows the world that your brand is established. Unlike generic mail addresses, custom email creates a corporate image. Additionally, multiple custom email addresses that resemble the brand supports that professional image in the long run. 

5. It’s inexpensive and easy to set-up 

It’s quick, simple, and inexpensive. The good news is that you can set up your professional email address for free. All you need to do is to start with a simple domain name. You can either purchase a domain or manage an email web hosting account independently. As per the SLA, your email web hosting provider will install a backup that will protect your business data. 

Want to make a great impression on customers and make your contact details memorable? Let us help you with a business-ready email hosting platform.