6 Benefits Of Live Chat Support Software

6 Benefits of Livechat Support Software

The world is experiencing a rapid digital transformation which has led to a shift in how we define the customer support experience. People expect immediate responses and want to get connected with businesses quickly. Free live chat support software has evolved over the years from being simply support channel to being a dynamic platform for sales, marketing, and customer service. Having the best live chat support software can provide your business an edge over your competitors who are still only using phone and email for customer support communication. Some of the benefits you’ll experience by adding live chat to your company’s website, include being able to engage with customers in real-time, provide more personalized support, proactively reach out to customers, manage more conversations and boost sales and conversions, giving your company an overall competitive advantage. Now, let’s discuss the benefits of live chat support software in more detail.

Engage With Customers in Real-time

Customers don’t like to wait in a queue to get answers to their queries. They want real-time assistance from a real person. By embedding live chat on your company’s webpage your customers can easily access your support team, chat in real-time and get the answers they need. This has quickly led to live chat being the most preferred customer support channel.

Personalized and Contextual Support

The best live chat support software will integrate with your CRM, allowing your agents to see customer profiles and account details so they can provide more personalized support. This personal touch can help increase customer satisfaction.

Proactive Support

Customer support is reactive by nature, customers reach out to the support team only when they have questions. With live chat support software, you can create workflows to proactively send messages to website visitors before they encounter a problem and prompt them to take action.

Boost Sales

Having live chat support on your company’s website is like having a sales associate in a store. Live chat gives your customers an easy way to reach out to your support agents to ask questions so you can help them to make a correct purchasing decision.

Manage More Conversations

Customer service agents talking on a phone is known as “unitasking”. You can increase agent productivity with a live chat system. It enables your support agent to deal with multiple customers at a time. Live chat allows you to scale your customer support operation without even growing your team.

Give Your Brand a Competitive Advantage

Recently, live chat support has earned a lot of popularity. Only sixty percent of the business offer a live chat support system to their customers. Having a live chat support system gives you an advantage over your competitors.

To sum up, live chat will allow your support agents to resolve customer queries faster and more effectively. If delivering fast, personalized support to your customers is important, you should try ngDesk free live chat support software today!

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