Benefits of Integrating Microsoft Teams with your ngDesk account

Microsoft Team is considered the hub for teamwork. It aims to make collaboration easy in a particular organization by creating a shared workspace. In that shared workspace, one can chat, meet, share files, and access business applications. Thus, to enable maximum efficiency of these digital workspaces, it is of absolute importance that IT and service desk teams are always nearby when issues arise.  Excellent team space is the key to make creative decisions and communicate with one another. Merging Microsoft Teams with your ngDesk subdomain allows you to receive notifications on the Microsoft chat window regarding any changes made on any ngDesk tickets.

Benefits of Integrating Microsoft Teams as your Help Desk:

If employees in a company using Microsoft Teams to communicate, asking them to switch to different software whenever any incident or issue arises can cause lots of inconveniences. Thus, it requires spending time changing from one application to the other. Often one has to train the staff on how to use that additional piece of software. Why take all the worries when your ngDesk can live right within the Microsoft Teams?

Generally, employees are using it to talk to each other, also makes sense to use it to raise issues. As a result, they can organize, prioritize and resolve, instead of a chaotic flow of requests coming in from different sources. Thus, some of the benefits of integrating Microsoft Teams as a help desk with your ngDesk subdomain are as follows:

1. It’s ideal for organizations of any Size:

SMBs across the globe are using Microsoft Teams. On the other hand, teams are present within the office 365 package, numerous organizations have access to the tools, and tens of millions of users engage with it. As a result, companies of every size require help desks like teams to resolve their issues instantaneously. If you plan to set up a help desk, it takes only a few minutes. It is a significant improvement over having employees ask questions in Teams with no tracking at all. If you’re a large enterprise, implementation will take only a few days or weeks at the most. As a result, there will be productivity improvements across the company.

2. It just works – no training required

A company like ngDesk has been using Microsoft Teams for a prolonged period. As a result, your employees will significantly understand the idea of opening a ticket here. If you are rolling out teams, including a baked-in help desk means your employees will have to learn one system instead of two.
The same holds for your IT and operations team. Thus, help desk users like ngDesk using Microsoft Teams will feel right at home. They can resolve issues and incident tickets as quickly as possible.

3. It’s conversational and human

The internal help desk tickets are mostly conversational between co-workers. Unlike traditional customer support, in an internal help desk there’s a much close relationship exists between the customers and the support agent. Thus, employees generally spend eight-plus hours a day working together for many years, often in the same office as a whole.

As a result, the Microsoft team is a natural place to create and respond to a help desk ticket. It is the free-flowing and conversational experience that highlights human communication. Thus, interacting with a help desk ticket of the existing SMBs in teams ensures that their employees feel like they are talking to their co-worker, rather than a nameless service agent.

To sum up, it can be said that using Microsoft Teams as a help desk appears to be the smart choice for all the existing SMBs. It aids the support agents to use Microsoft Teams to cut response time, organize incoming requests, and answer questions automatically.

As we have communicated about the benefits of integration of Microsoft Teams with ngDesk subdomain. Explore the steps of integrating Microsoft Teams with ngDesk.