Benefits of Integrating Zoom with Your ngDesk Subdomain

Zoom is considered the pioneer in the cloud platform for video, audio conferencing, instant screen sharing, chat, and webinars. The integration of Zoom with your ngDesk subdomain facilitates you to interact with your existing customers and prospective clients in a real-time environment with a human touch. It is an effective tool for your business, as it allows you to remove the communication gaps in terms of time. Thus, integrating a powerful tool like Zoom on your ngDesk subdomains takes only a few minutes and helps you to address your customer request within an instance. The benefits of integrating the Zoom application with your ngDesk subdomains are as follows:

Impressing the Customer with Video

The Zoom application integration with your ngDesk subdomain allows users to add video and screen sharing capabilities to their support experience. Your clients want to have a single interface of communication. Through the video, you can connect with your clients and resolve all their queries, and support tickets. It allows building trust between both the parties and acts as a wow factor because some of your customers are not easygoing with the face-to-face customer and technical supports.

This integration with the Zoom application in the customer service platform of your company has brought more than 97 percent of customer satisfaction. It provides you a one-touch environment to deep dive with customers and fully understands their problem. Experts from your company have found that video is the most efficient channel for diagnosing complex issues and communicating a resolution.

An Extension of Good Will

Effective use of video as remote support is what is used in a support and ngDesk subdomain by your customers. Resolving customer queries via Zoom video call appears to be a warm gesture through which your agents can solve all their client queries and support tickets spontaneously. Sometimes customers face technical glitches with your applications. Through screen sharing, you can navigate through your application configurations and external integrations, so real-time collaborations enable your support executives to resolve your client’s queries and avoid any chances of miscommunication.

Agents get to know their customers

Sometimes it becomes exciting for your agents to communicate with your customers over video calls. It becomes easy for your agents to resolve the queries of your clients and also the support tickets. Here are a few upsides for agents that engage in remote face-to-face conversation and screen sharing.

Learn to read the mind-set of the customers

When a customer is frustrated with a problem, it is the representative who can understand their troubles from their body language. Customers may shout at you or get angry with the problems faced by them with your ngDesk applications. At that moment, your agents should use a soothing tone to resolve the queries of your customers.

How customers interact with their products in real-time

In the screen sharing option, agents can have customers recreate the steps that led to the actual issue. It is an opportunity for the agents to see how their customers use the products in a real-time environment. They can see if there are things that often confuse or exhaust the customer, and there are common patterns of mistakes that multiple customers are making. It may indicate a need to update your knowledge base or share your findings with a product or UX research team.

Let’s See Empathy in their actions

Great support agents often empathize with their customers. It appears to be better for both sides when they face each other via a Zoom video call. Video allows your agents to make the customer feel that they are right with them while resolving their problems. It also allows your agents to find out how their troubleshooting analysis can help their clients to solve their worries at once.

In conclusion we can say that to see a customer’s “Aha!” moment or their body language express gratitude can be an incredibly positive thing for a support agent of your company.

In addition as we know the benefits of zoom integration with ngDesk, follow the step by step integration of Zoom with ngDesk.