Nowadays, businesses add more and more technology to their day-to-day operations, and the need to offer a stable IT support system has gained a huge amount of popularity. IT ticketing system is originally introduced to replace spreadsheets and assist support professionals in addressing user concerns, but now it appears to be the backbone of many support operations around the world. At times, it comes with loads of features like Artificial Intelligence, instant collaboration, and real-time reports. Whereas, it appears to be more than just a ticketing system, and it has continuously evolved to become a must-have tool in your line of defense. Still if your business believes that managing an influx of support tickets can get complex and time-consuming, it is the ngDesk ticketing system that can assist you to overcome all these challenges at once.

ngDesk IT ticketing system is an all-in-one business software that equips its clients with all the features that are needed to resolve both internal as well as external IT support requests and incidents on an asap basis. ngDesk ticketing system successfully deals with user issues as it quickly converts them into support tickets, as it provides the clear-cut context of what the user is facing and various other relevant details as a whole. The best IT ticketing system operates on the basis of ITSM (IT Service Management) best practices and mainly assists organizations to prevent major incidents from exploiting their brand reputation.

Now that you have understood the work that ngDesk IT support ticketing system performs, it’s time to shift our focus to some of the key features of ngDesk IT ticketing system.

  • Ticketing System Efficiently Manages Support Tickets

    There is no need for help desk agents to switch between multiple inboxes when there is presence of a support ticketing software like ngDesk. The ticketing software enables you to forward emails to support teams and browse through a list of support tickets. At the same time, the tool automatically converts every incoming request or incident into a ticket. This allows your agents to stay on top of every support ticket from start till the resolutions of all the queries.

  • Team Collaboration

    ngDesk helpdesk ticketing software is known for its team collaboration features such as internal comments, ticket tags or labels, ticket escalations, and more. Ticket Tags or Labels can be used to differentiate tickets from one another and lead to better organization as a whole. With internal notes or comments, support agents of ngDesk can discuss tickets internally or advise others on resolving a particular issue.

  • Self Service

    ngDesk IT ticketing systems comes with a vast knowledge base built into the product. Customers and employees can resolve simple, recurring IT issues with the assistance of knowledge base articles, FAQs, step by step installation and support guidelines, and more. Whereas, self-service options play a key role in deflecting a significant volume of Tier 1 support tickets and reduce the workload of ngDesk helpdesk agents and saving their valuable time as a whole.

  • SLAs & Reporting

    SLA or Service Level Agreements of ngDesk helpdesk ticketing system assists you to set the right expectations for your employees as well as customers for smooth service delivery. With a dedicated and advanced ticketing software like ngDesk, you can quickly set up SLA policies and share notifications to agents in case of SLA violations. With insightful reports, managers can seamlessly track the day-to-day activities of all the ngDesk support agents. Moreover, it is the reports that offer actionable insights and help you to make smooth support decisions.

So far it is very clear that ngDesk ticketing system appears to be an efficient one than its competitors as it helps to resolve your client issues easily and within a split second of time. Now let us discuss about the other competitors of ngDesk and find out what makes ngDesk one step ahead from its competitors.

5 Best Free IT Support Ticketing System

  • ngDesk

    Unlike its competitors, ngDesk ticket management system is a free of cost helpdesk support system with the support of it one can centralize their ticket management system, so that support tickets can be resolved easily and quickly, keeping your support agents and clients always happy. In other words, it will benefit you to view tickets from all your support channels in one shared inbox and automatically assign tickets to different teams within a split second. The ngDesk ticketing system is solely built by keeping the agents in mind, and it is designed for productivity and teamwork so that one can do more than just respond to their client’s issues. This ticket management platform enables our agents to assign tickets, prioritize, link and tag tickets so it is always clear who is working on what and so the most critical tickets are solved on a high priority basis. The free of cost ngDesk ticketing applications enables our agents to have everything that they need to solve their problems all in one place, leading to easy quick resolutions of the customer queries and increased customer satisfaction as a whole.

    Lastly, some of the features of ngDesk ticket management system are as follows

    1. Universal inbox that aggregates customer emails, chat, and more
    2. Automate ticketing routing, escalation, and task creation processes
    3. Get a pulse on customer happiness through surveys
    4. Use chatbots to improve live chat efficiencies
    5. Set, track, and meet customer service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Freshdesk

    The IT ticketing software of Freshdesk is well known for channelizing the power of collaborative ticketing and AI to deliver the best customer experience. Freshdesk’s AI, called Freddy, is intelligent enough to recommend the most fitting solution to the agents for smooth resolution of their client’s queries. On the other hand, it also prevents the reopening of tickets when customers respond with a simple- Thank You! With this tool, the helpdesk managers can set up SLAs stating when a ticket needs to be replied to and solved. It can even set up automatic reminders for agents and escalations to managers whenever SLAs are violated.

  • Zendesk

    Zendesk support system is renowned as one of the best IT ticketing systems that offers a shared inbox for customer’s questions and concerns. No matter what channel a customer uses to contact your business- email, chat, social media, etc., all support conversations can be managed seamlessly. All customer or employee data in the ticketing system is searchable including tickets, self-service articles, forum posts, and more. It is the users that can track every conversation from origin to resolution, even if the conversation involves multiple channels or multiple agents.

  • Zoho Desk

    With the support of Zoho IT ticketing system, one can use the power of customer context to improve agent productivity, promote self-service, manage cross-functional service processes, and improve customer satisfaction. In a matter of minutes, one can create a self-service portal and empower both customers and employees to find solutions on their own. With the Zoho mobile application one can quickly close IT support tickets on the go, and your agents can smoothly monitor the traffic of the ticket its and key support metrics no matter wherever they are.

  • HubSpot

    With the aid of HubSpot helpdesk ticketing system one can easily record, organize, and track all their customers’ queries in a single dashboard that can be easily accessed by your entire team. With the aid of this helpdesk ticketing system all you need to do is assign owners and stages to individual tickets, and this tool will automatically categorize them into a personalized pipeline of work for respective support agents. However, with this ticketing system users can smoothly monitor key support metrics like agent response time, ticket volume, and more, and one can easily manage increasing customer demand, train their support team, and ultimately offer a better customer experience as a whole.

In conclusion, it can be said that as your business and customer base expand, having the best and free of costs ngDesk IT helpdesk ticketing system becomes increasingly necessary for your support operation to function smoothly. From automation rules to team collaboration capabilities, there are several must-haves helpdesk features that ngDesk has in its buckets. In a short span of time, unlike its competitors ngDesk appears to be the right tool that can help you in the systematic management of incidents leading to quicker resolution times and increased return on investment.

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