hatbots can improve agent performance and productivity. This post provides an exhaustive summary of how bots can complement your support team and increase customer service efficiency.  

Technology and humans have paired up for decades to provide a winning partnership. Customer service sector is currently going through a revolutionary phase. Subsequently, the focus is slowly shifting from simply resolving customer issues to developing customer relationships. As such, the conventional communication channels are now giving way to more advanced solutions that offer instant and customized responses to users. As a result, artificial intelligence equipped chatbots as dedicated service tools are now mainstream. In fact, 80 percent of business outfits have plans of deploying chatbots by the year 2020.  

Handle voluminous service requests 

Firms today realize the potential benefits of bots in a customer service setup. Especially, in situations where you are handling large volumes of support queries. So, when you are handling voluminous service queries daily, it is time to think big and beyond the conventional approach to managing support functions. Bots provide the much-needed respite from attending to several customer interactions simultaneously. Hence, program your bots to welcome visitors on your website or respond to customer messages on live chat. Also, this ensures your customers are not waiting forever to get a response to their queries. Consequently, your agents are in a position to dedicate their time to attend to more complex issues. 

Escalate complex issues to expert agents 

Configure your bots to handle routine queries. Bots can handle simple and repeat queries that do not require much deliberation. However, some customer issues may require expert assistance. In such cases, bots can route these issues to the expert support agents. For instance, a customer wants basic price and delivery information related to the household appliance he wants to buy. The bot will provide these basic details to the customers. However, the bot will route the customer to the available agent, if the customer wants details about bulk purchases for trading purpose. Thus, bots filter the issues that require expert attention and hence, improve agent productivity. 

Bots offer vital customer insights 

Script your bots to collect vital customer data, the background information and other relevant details at the beginning of the conversation. And, the support agents can use this information and insight to provide customized solutions to the customers. Thus, bots empower the agents with relevant information required to deliver the best customer experience.  

Use bots to collect feedback  

Customer support experience is crucial parameter influencing the sales and purchase process. Script your bots to collect feedback from the customers to rate customer service experience. So, this will create an automated process of rolling out feedback survey forms to customers, collecting the data, and updating support database accordingly. And, the data collected this way will provide useful insights to the agents on the customer expectations and their requirements. 

Bots vs agents 

A growing number of firms are switching to bots today. You will find bots welcoming you when you visit a website. Unable to find your preferred item in your favorite online shopping site. The bot comes to your assistance and provides you the link to your desired item almost instantly. Getting bored at home. Ask Siri to play your favorite number. Well, these are some of the common instances of bots invading our lives at every corner. So much so, that it is becoming a habit. You find it convenient to use that online shopping app for all your requirements. Why? Because, it’s just so convenient. The bot makes shopping a fun time and hassle free too. 

Essentially, bots handle various routine queries from customers. However, they play a complementing role in the support activities as we have highlighted in the above sections. Bots can seamlessly handover conversations to live agents when required. They can also collect the necessary background information required to deliver prompt and personalized customer service. To sum it up, bots complement and enhance agent performance in several ways. 

Deploy the best bot for your business

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