iscover different ways in which you can use custom chatbots to boost your sales and revenues. Chatbots are smart and they are intelligent too. They can be programmed to take care of your customer requirements and route your customers to the desired solution. You will come across multiple bots around you working tirelessly to improve your customer journey. For instance, the bot on your preferred online shopping portal sends you reminders that you have left some items in the shopping cart. These bots will also provide you the available substitutes and a comparative review of the listed items. Further, the bots will provide recommendations based on your browsing history.

Chatbots are essential add-ons today owing to their positive impact on sales and revenues of the firm. You can deploy custom bots to improve overall customer experience and their relationship with your business. Bots are easy to create. The conversation flows can be directed through multiple activity nodes to meet multiple user needs. Additionally, you can add creative conversation scripts to enhance the scope of activities performed by these bots.  Hence, bots help in streamlining your customer support service and at the same time enhancing customer journeys.

Let’s explore some of the interesting ways in which bots can help you increase your sales.

Increase customer engagement to improve loyalty

Bots are fun and engaging. The bots equipped with artificial intelligence provide an effective means of engaging your customers. Customers can interact with these bots any time of the day, find answers to their queries, or raise service requests. This is just one of the benefits of adding a bot to your website. Recent observations on the use of chatbots estimate that more than 100,000 businesses are using chatbots to provide prompt services to their customers. Facts also highlight that 77% of the customers had improved perception of the brand after interacting with bots. Consequently, this has a positive impact on both sales and customer loyalty.

Proactive support translates to sales

Credit card companies and banking services are using bots to provide proactive support to their customers. Customers seek prompt and instant solutions to their queries. To be honest, nobody has the patience to go through pages of information. This is where bots play an important role. Chatbots provide customers with specific product-related information based on the observed search pattern. Bots can also guide your visitors to distinct product pages, blogs or videos that offer detailed information about the product. So, you can create custom chatbots that guide your customers to the relevant pages based on their browsing history.

Proactive support initiatives help in guiding your customers to the relevant sections of your website, save time finding the required information, take definite actions. Bank of America’s chatbot, Erica, created ripples when the number of users grew to 1 million in just 3 months time. The chatbot provided customers instant access to their past transactions, enhanced search facilities, and financial advice.

Showcase your products to acquire new customers

Bots can help you improve your customer analytics. You can trace the browsing pattern of your website visitors, their search history, identify their product or information requirement. Further, you can also configure bots to collect customer-related information using surveys or feedback forms. Use this customer data to showcase your product features, attributes, and customized solutions available. Chatbots can eliminate the frustrations linked to cold calling potential customers. Instead, users appreciate the customized notifications and display of relevant information. This helps your business score additional points in context to customer service and brand perception.

Expand customer outreach

A single bot can cater to an unlimited number of customers at any given point in time. Hence, you can expand your customer outreach without incurring additional costs to do so. What’s more, bots provide prompt and excellent support services to your customers. This is a crucial force defining customer relationship with your business. Customer relationship is an important dynamics to consider while deploying chatbots. Remember, customers, value the personalized touch to their interaction with the brand. Hence, your customer outreach strategy must be combined with creative and engaging conversation flows for your bot.

Why wait – add a bot to your website now

To summarize the key points, bots can be configured to –

  1. identify customer interests
  2. collect customer insights
  3. meet their information needs required to make the purchase decision
  4. provide tailored solutions to their requirements
  5. re-direct them to take definitive action
  6. collect user feedback

Bots, can thus, shape your customer journey right from the point of initial contact with the brand to the post sales and repeat purchase. The final outcome translates to increased sales and revenues for your business.

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