onversion rates are an important parameter defining the success of your digital marketing strategies. It’s time to re-evaluate your website design or digital engagement tools if your conversion rates are low. Here, we take a deep dive to explore the ways the live chat tool boosts your website conversion rates.

Do conversion rates matter

Yes, it does. Conversion rates indicate your digital marketing campaigns are effective. Higher conversion rates reflect an increase in the number of visitors actively engaging with your website. So, conversion rates do help achieve your business goals in various ways. First, you can use this metric to determine if your marketing campaigns are a success or a failure. Second, you can reduce your advertising budget if your digital marketing campaigns are producing efficient results. Third, your website is optimized to facilitate higher conversion rates.

Live Chat boosts conversion rates

Today firms are competing for business online. And, that is one of the reasons why more and more companies are placing emphasis on improving user experience online. User engagement is one of the key factors driving conversion rates. Some of the popular user engagement tools include chatbots, live chat, social media integration or live support communities. According to research estimates, 79% of the customers prefer live chat tools since it provides instant responses. The findings also suggest, 85% of the users that have used live chat are likely to become customers and 63% of the users are likely to return back to your website.

Find out how

Below are some ways live chat boosts conversion rates.

Live Chat engages users

Live chat is a powerful medium that engages your website visitors. Especially, because it adds the personal and human touch to your customer support. User engagement is a vital parameter influencing the growth and success of your business. Real-time conversations with live chat engages users effectively. Therefore, the chances of prospective users getting converted into real-time customers increases dramatically. 

According to market survey report claims, users prefer the live chat tool over conventional support channels. Primarily because, you can build and strengthen your relationship with your customers at a more personal level. Further, it reassures the users that the support team is just a click away.  

Prompt answers to user queries

Live chat offers instant assistance to your customers and the scope to resolve their issues almost immediately. The tool is convenient to use for both end users and support agents. So, users can promptly seek answers to their queries as and when required. 

Conventional support communication modes such as phones and email are becoming outdated. When you dial the support phone line you have to go through a series of automated prompts to reach the support agent. And, most users do not like waiting in queues on the phone. It can be a frustrating experience. Similarly, when you reach out with your issue or query through support emails, you generally have to wait for a few hours, sometimes even a few days, before you receive any response from the support team. Live Chat, on the other hand, offers you an instant response to your issues or queries. 

It’s no surprise, therefore, that live chat is rated highest at 73% in terms of satisfaction levels with respect to customer service channels. The email channel reported 61% in terms of satisfaction while the figures for phone channel did not go beyond 44%. 

Proactive customer support 

Customer support agents are free to offer extended help to users over the live chat platform. For instance, users want detailed information about a product over live chat. The agents provide the required information. At the same time, they also offer users with additional information regarding related items or accessories. Hence, the scope for proactive approach to support services increases manifolds. 

Proactive customer support adds value to the services. In a way, it’s almost similar to a salesperson attending to your user needs. The American Marketing Association stats reveal that live chat increases the conversion rates on e-commerce websites by almost 20%. 

Recognize prospective user requirements

Most of the users turn to live chat when they are considering a purchase or have already made up their mind somewhat. Hence, these users are seeking additional information to resolve their doubts or queries regarding the product. Support agents provide the required information and assistance. Consequently, the decision is made. 

Offer tailored solutions

Customer support agents prompt users to provide detailed information about their specific needs and requirements over the live chat platform. Accordingly, the agents provide the users with tailored solutions based on their specified requirements. Certainly, casual interaction with the users creates a relaxed ambience. And, users find it easier to communicate their preference, their limitations, or their objective to the support agents. So, this improves the probability of customizing solutions to the user-specific needs. The end result is improved customer satisfaction levels.

Intelligent chat analytics 

The live chat application, generally, prompts users to enter certain basic preliminary information about themselves before they are directed to the support agent. This information includes user name and email address. Subsequently, the system adds this information to the database for future reference. 

Further, live chat analytics retrieve multiple units of information that include which pages the user has visited, how much time the user spent on the page, or how did they land on that page. You can even set up a pre-chat survey to collect vital user-related information before the chat session begins. The information collected, as a result, provide meaningful insights into user behavior and their precise requirements. Hence, live chat facilitates a deeper understanding of customer needs, their mindsets and attitude in context to the given business sector.

And finally

Indeed, live Chat is replacing the conventional modes of marketing and support communication. The above pointers reflect the ways live chat boosts conversion rates and the reason why more firms are deploying this tool on their websites. The bottom line is, this tool can promote your business objectives and build customer loyalty for you. The trick is to know how to use it efficiently. 

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