f your business lacks CRM or Live chat integration, chances are you are missing out on the perks of customer engagement. This holds especially for small businesses that often opt out of CRM or live chat integration. Being unstable ventures, these small businesses with smaller customer base succumb to risks of encountering larger competitors. But the truth is – companies grow with time, so the customers also multiply. Definitely, to accommodate them and manage customer relationships, you need the CRM software.

Again, where customers demand a faster response, CRM alone is not enough to manage instant customer support. Isn’t it great if your customer can ask you the moment, they have a question in mind? This is where connecting your Live Chat customers with a CRM pays off. That is to say, CRM and Live chat integration not only help you to optimize business processes but also streamline customer communications in the long run.

Let the Stats speak!

While 79% of marketing leads generated without CRM never converts into sales, live chatters are 85% more likely to convert than the ones who don’t. And today, the CRM software market is expected to touch $80 billion in revenues by 2020! Operational challenges are inevitable and it is only through CRM or Customer Relationship Management platform that you can address them. Similarly, live chat not only helps you to understand your customer better, but also maximizes customer loyalty, sales, and revenue. Truly, in the age of customer experience where customers find what they want by themselves online, the more you understand your customer, the easier for you to do business with them.

CRM & Live Chat platform combo: A match made in heaven!

Suppose you own a coffee shop wherein you get repeated customers day-in and day-out. The reason for their regular arrival? Maybe the budget, quality, or maybe conveyance. Now that you often stumble upon known faces every day, wherein customers hang out for hours together, but hardly do you know them by name, their tastes, or needs. At this point, wouldn’t it be wise if you remember them by their names, the flavor they want, the cozy place they want to tuck in and more? Indeed, recording these details will not only make them feel homely and welcoming but also make them feel special. Right? Now, if you have a Live chat feature integrated on your website, you probably know how easy it is for your remote customers to reach you instantly for inquiries, schedule bookings, arranging purchases, or seek instant support access.

This is where you need to integrate the CRM software tool with a live chat platform to solve customers’ problems in a flash! Precisely –

  • CRM allows you to store customer information automatically and build your customer’s profile.
  • The customer support reps can tailor the communication through a live chat feature that keeps the customer record updated.
  • Despite being 30% cheaper than a phone call, live chat allows you to multi-task by managing several visitors at once while driving 3x-5x more conversions.

Now that you know the perks of integrating CRM with the live chat function, why not take a quick look at the 5 best practices to make the most of your CRM and live chat integration. Here you go.

1. Choose a CRM that suits your business needs

Not one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right CRM software that integrates with Live chat for your business. Similarly, not all CRM features and set-up can meet the needs of your team. So, before you roll out CRM to the team, make sure that you test all the features and weigh out all the options. Also, ensure that you have enough room for customization to scale it for the future. Rather, ask for questions to the test team such as:

  • Is adding a chat to CRM software enough to keep the customer data synced all times?
  • Is there a need for CRM loaded with customizable features or basic functionality that will suffice?
  • Do I need a cloud-based CRM tool or on-site?
  • Is the CRM tool contract based or includes upfront costs for installation?
  • Will the workflow efficiency improve if CRM is integrated with Live chat?

Careful consideration of these factors will help you gauge your investment returns for the CRM systems that you select for your organization.

2. Train and offer support to employees

If you are implementing CRM with live chat integration for the first time, you must provide training to the employees. In order to utilize the CRM and live chat features effectively, users should be empowered with tactics and little tricks of using the software in tandem with the customer engagement strategies. Since training employees on company-specific sales and marketing processes in the CRM system takes time, regular sessions of training will help them adapt to the tool and meet newer engagement challenges.

3. Automate your conversations

It’s a no-brainer that customers prefer chats over any other digital channels. Hence, one effective way to leverage chats is by automating chat conversations. Rather than using CRM as a stand-alone sales automation system, boost customer engagement with the strategic integration of live chat. That is to say, let chatbots automate the conversation accurately and produce highly personalized client interactions without you needing to double-enter them yourself.

Want to boost your live chat response and maximize customer service ROI? Let us help you with the best customized and integrated CRM-Live chat combo that can maximize your investment and track new opportunities.