Customer Experience Is the New Frontier of Customer Service

Customer Experience Is the New Frontier of Customer Service

During the pandemics, customer experience played a crucial role as the client knew which company treated them well during the critical situation, as customer experience has appeared firmly at the forefront of all kinds of business concerns especially, in the current environment. In a recent survey (survey from Super Office), it is found out that 45.9 percent of business professionals identified customer experience as the topmost priority in the upcoming year, whereas 33.6 percent focused on products, and 20.5 percent focused on the pricing part. It’s for nothing that customer experience has a compelling place in business awareness, as it appears to be a determining factor in reducing churn and increasing revenue. To efficiently handle the role of customer experience in the marketplace, necessary to get a hand on a few things, as first, one needs to understand customer experience and how different it is from the customer service that it has replaced. Secondly, one needs to identify what kind of marketing automation tools a company requires to deliver outstanding customer experience in the upcoming years.

The Key to Success in the New Marketplace

Customer service is nothing but a company supporting their products and services after the point of sale, often through a specialized contact point designed to ensure that a customer’s interaction within the company and use of their products performed seamlessly. Before the term customer experience made its emergence into a business and management jargon, customer service had its pride of place as a crucial factor in running a successful business. The concept of customer experience had a customer-centric attitude within a business and throughout the customer journey, as customer centricity means making every decision keeping in mind the customer. The individual organization makes business decisions that look good on the financial statement but doesn’t consider customers, at end of the day the successful decision for the customer is also a better decision for the business.

The best company has a culture where customer gets sufficient weightage, rather than providing a single touchpoint with a company’s brand. Customer experience addresses sentiment and long-term engagement and delivers ultimate satisfaction at every point of interactions. Investing in customer experience does improve upselling and cross-selling, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and the importance of a customer-centric approach are pretty clear.

  • 86 percent of the customers are happy to pay extra for valuable customer experience
  • 49 percent of buyers have made window shopping in response to a delightful customer experience
  • 72 percent of customers will share a positive experience with numerous people
  • 88 percent of companies prioritize customer experience with their contact centers

If an individual organization fails to deliver a quality customer experience, it tends to stir up, and often results in a business that gets lost in the mid-way, which a company never even thought in their wildest dreams.

  • 13 percent of unhappy customers will share their feedback with numerous colleagues
  • Less than 4 percent of dissatisfied customers lodge complaints
  • 1 out of 3 customers will abandon their favorite brand after a poor performance
  • 92 percent will walk away from a company after two or three poor interactions

During the pandemic, numerous companies faced challenges to focus on customer experience as never before and have found a creative way to do so, as extraordinary customer experience is marked by commitment enables an agent to maintain the emotional connection between a customer and the brand. The company culture often gives its employees the flexibility to go above and beyond, and the superb customer experience effort requires the appropriate company culture, backed by policy commitment, tools, and technologies.

Delivering Superb Customer Experience:

High-quality customer experience strategies are mainly supported by three factors and they are as follows:

1. Involve Your Whole Team:

Customer experience is completely different from customer service, depending on a particular customer support team. Thus, excelling in customer experience reveals a successful customer-centric approach that an organization often performs and one profound example is the Jet Blue flight service which surprises passengers with gifts and rewards and has continued to do so ever since its inception. During the ongoing pandemics, they offered free flight services to medical personnel and gained positive experience from all its customer during a critical period. The airline solely focused on customer experience and has continued to do even in the post covid era as they offered free food to passengers, thus helped the organization to survive the pandemics. Exceptional customer experience is the main ingredient that numerous organizations across globe have mastered during this crisis. The customer’s well-being and engagements are sorted out across different departments like marketing and sales, service, and product design as a whole.

2. Cultivate Customers for the Long Term:

Strong customer experience management does more than just reducing jolt, as it correlates directly with repeat business and recurring revenues, as recent studies show that a positive customer experience will make 93 percent of the buyers come back for more and even less increase in retention can lead to a 25 percent boost to the bottom line, as big companies have identified that investment in customer experience can double a company’s revenue within a span of three years. The more memorable the experience a company provides, the easier it becomes to build a strong customer relationship and sustain them for a prolonged period.

3. Be Proactive:

Proactive customer experience is more about responding to issues as they emerge, it is about anticipating and fulfilling the needs of your customer even before they realize they have them. Experienced customer leaders are the ones who stand out from the crowd and structure their processes to empower employees across their operations to deliver memorable and delightful experiences at any stage of a customer’s journey, as, implementing a proactive customer experience strategy is easy when you have the right marketing tools, as ngDesk CRM is an early innovator of this kind of endeavor that innovated a time-aware CRM platform and made it easy for staff across a company to get a clear-cut picture of the historical context of any customer interaction. With the advent of high-definition customer experience (HDCX) technology, the time-aware platform featured highly accurate forecasting that can synthesize future recommendations from data that goes beyond the information set by your own company has thought of gathering.

In conclusion, HDCX (high-definition customer experience) is proactive, genuinely prescient customer experience for your business CRM solution.

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