re you keeping up with the new customer service trends to serve your potential clients? In the fast-ever-changing landscape, if customer satisfaction is not your top priority, your customer service will go for a toss. Hence, it’s imperative to ensure that customer support executive agents are up-to-date and equipped with the latest requisite skills. Only those businesses that are harvesting the latest tools and technologies can deliver the best customer service and experience. Uncanny but true, 77% of customers today are fed up with poor customer service. And 91% of customers prefer to make purchases only from trusted brands. Remember while choosing between you and your competitors, your customers will only choose customer experience.

Customer service is all about expectations

Times are changing fast and emerging technology is shaping customer expectations. While many service organizations are ready to invest in this transformation, it’s not enough to just maintain your digital operations anymore. In fact, you need more custom integrations for self-service to level up customer support that meet the business user demand. With an explosion of digital-first customers, service teams are also trying to catch up with rising expectations.

Essential customer service stats and facts

If these stats are not surprising you, take a look at more of the customer service stats and facts that will call the shots in 2020.

customer service stats

Wrapping up

To sum up, good customer experience can impact your customer behavior big time. In an oversaturated market, if you are not providing the customer what they need and expect from you, someone else will. And you as a business provider will be cast aside. If the customer is satisfied with your service and had the best experience, he/she will spend 140% more compared to the poorest experience of the past. The mantra is: keep up with the momentum of the increasing value of quality service. So, what are you doing to stay competitive?

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