ondering how to dazzle your customers with outstanding support services? Well, you are not alone in this quest for the perfect tool that is not only easy to manage but also simple to configure as per your individual business requirements. And, just in case, you have not yet explored the exciting new features ngDesk has to offer, it’s time to take a sneak peek at it now. 

We set the ball rolling with several essential features designed to optimize your entire customer support functions. Multi-channel support, ticket automation, Service Level Agreements (SLA) compliance, auto-escalation, triggers, validations, agent-schedules are just some of the dynamic ngDesk features that ease the life of your customer support agents. But, we know your business requirements are much more than that. Hence, we have added some exciting new features that will automate and integrate your diverse work processes.

Here’s a checklist of the exciting new features. 

Live Chat 

The ngDesk live chat option ensures you are in constant touch with your customers. You can even deploy the ngDesk live chat widget on your business web pages and apps. Customize the widget or configure automated chat workflows. Hence, you have a powerful customer service tool that allows you to address their concerns almost instantly. The delay and wait time for customers is reduced. It’s quick. It’s convenient. And what’s more, your customers appreciate it. 

live chat

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

The ngDesk platform now offers integration options with WordPress. So, you can deploy the ngDesk WordPress live chat plugin for your website. Integrate this plugin to your website for a seamless customer support experience. 

Custom Chatbots

We know chatbots are trending and bots can boost your customer support services immensely. And, considering the value-adding potentials, we have now added the power of custom chatbots to your ngDesk. So, you can now design your own custom chatbots to handle routine customer queries or prompt users to furnish specific details. Go ahead, get creative. Build your own bots that engage and enthrall your visitors. 

Custom Modules

You can now maintain and manage your diverse business information and workflows from your ngDesk portal. The new custom modules feature in ngDesk enables you to build your own modules, create custom fields, deploy data input forms, edit forms, and your custom list layouts to get a tailored view of your module data. Configure your module workflows and setup automation to handle routine tasks.

Mobile App

You can now access and manage your ngDesk portal through our recently launched mobile app. The ngDesk mobile app version is designed to meet your flexible business requirements. So, you can now address customer service requests from anywhere and anytime.


Download the ngDesk mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store today.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has gained momentum in today’s digital age. We understand the relevance it has on our business and hence, our recent update enables you to create your custom email marketing campaigns from your ngDesk portal. We have powered your ngDesk portal with the ability to manage your email marketing campaigns. So, you can create and design your email marketing campaigns, build email mailing lists, and then schedule these campaigns to be sent whenever you want. 

Form Builder

The form builder – another interesting update from ngDesk. Design and deploy your custom input forms on your website. Your website visitors can enter the requested details on these forms and the information gets updated on your ngDesk database. 

Well, all these features have definitely added more power to your ngDesk portal. The recent updates scale-up the scope and applications of the ngDesk system considerably. And, it goes without saying that the platform adds value to your business in more ways than one. So, when you are signing up for ngDesk, you are not just using the platform to meet your customer support services but you are availing a complete business solution. 

The best part is, the basic and essential features are absolutely free of cost. You only need to pay a nominal fee for availing certain custom premium features. Check out our pricing page for further details.