Form builders allow users to fill in the required details online.

The data entered in the given fields will be updated in your ngDesk module database.

Using Form Builders and deploying the forms on your website  helps you to capture your customer details easily. Users will be able to input the data without logging in to your website. Once a data is submitted, it will be landed as a record under the specific module inside your ngDesk account. For example, if you have created a new form under Tickets module and embedded the same on your website, any data submitted using that form will create a new ticket with the data which was filled in.
The ngDesk tool is designed to meet your evolving customer service requirements and much more. If you still have not explored this platform go through this guide to find out more about the system features and functions.

We’ve made ticketing easy!

Automatically assign tickets to different teams and view tickets from all your channels in one shared inbox.