re you looking for a Freshdesk alternative? Essentially, help desk software plays a vital role in managing support functions. Your business is expanding every day. As a result, your requirements also change. It is time to evaluate the effectiveness of your current help desk tool. Consequently, a dynamic help desk tool helps you manage your business smoothly. It is important that you choose the right help desk software  for your business.

Therefore, ngDesk is the perfect solution for your business. This dynamic ticket management tool is both flexible and scalable. Above all, the application supports multiple features for prompt and effective management of customer issues. 

As we all know, technology has become a powerful medium shaping customer expectations from brands. According to a recent McKinsey report, customers rate service quality on certain key factors. These include prompt response, personalized services, and convenience. So, cloud-based ticketing tools like ngDesk offer increased scope of improving customer interactions across customer journey.

Further, the key focus of customer service goals is on user experience and retention. Efficient customer service is positively correlated to increased sales and improved customer loyalty. Read on to find out what make ngDesk a powerful ticket management tool and how it serves your customer service goals effectively.

Key features

Multiple support channel

ngDesk integrates customer interaction across multiple support channels. Use ngDesk to attend to support requests from Whatsapp, SMS, Email, Chat, and Facebook.

Automated notifications

ngDesk allows you to configure automated notifications. These notifications are sent to your customers whenever there are any updates on their tickets. This ensures prompt response to your customers. Consequently, it minimizes the chances of missing out on customer tickets. 

Centralized ticketing inbox

Your agents can access all tickets from multiple channels through the centralized ticketing inbox. So, they can begin working on the tickets queue promptly to ensure prompt action. 

Premade responses

Create and store multiple response templates on your support portal. Just click on the template and send it to the user. It’s that simple and fast. ticket management tool

Customized workflows

Create multiple workflows customized to your business operations using triggers or SLAs. 

Auto-escalate tickets for prompt action

Define multiple escalation policies to ensure tickets are automatically escalated to the next level. You can also specify the conditions that must be met in order to escalate the tickets. This helps in filtering the range of tickets for escalation. 

Manage your agent schedules

Configure and manage your agent schedules using the on-call schedules option in ngDesk. The options enable you to define holidays, business hours and shift-timing restrictions. 

Intuitive knowledge base tool

Empower and engage your customers with the intuitive knowledge base. The knowledge base provides categorized information on your products and service applications. So, your customer can find solutions to their queries from the knowledge base articles. 

Instant collaboration using Live Chat

Deploy the personalized live chat tool, free of cost, for instant collaboration. 

Time tracking options

Monitor your agent’s time and the time spent working on each ticket. 

Custom modules

Create and design your own modules to manage your diverse work processes. For instance, you can now create your own Employees module to store and manage your employee details. 


Deploy chatbots to enable your customers to resolve their own queries. Create custom bot scripts and workflows that assist users in finding answers to their queries.

How to access ngDesk

To sum it up, the listed features distinguish ngDesk from several popular help desk software. The tool supports flexible design, simple navigation, and a robust interface. You can also integrate with other apps to deliver personalized services to your customers.  

The ngDesk app is also available for download on your Android and iOS mobile phones. This makes it more convenient for you to manage your entire platform remotely. And, the best part is, this dynamic platform is completely free of cost. Yes, you heard it right. You can simply download the tool and start using it complete with all its features. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click on www.ngdesk.com and Sign Up now!!