oor customer service is the #1 reason that clients stop doing business with you! Did you know that 96% of unhappy customers never complain? However, 91% will simply abandon the business and never come back. Despite being unhappy, your customer will tell their friends, but may not ever tell you. Hence, if customer service is not one of your main priorities, it is often too late to repair your online reputation. Missing out on your intuitive customer silently and giving them the reason to start visiting your competitors doesn’t seem fair, does it? In the competitive marketplace, if you are not helping your customers, switching to your competitors is not a big deal for them! Now, it might seem logical to ask why those customers won’t complain, rather than just keep quiet. But surprisingly, many businesses are still not convinced about improving their customer service experience.   

Not just customer service, it’s quality customer service that matters   

It’s important to realize that customer support doesn’t necessarily mean handling large amounts of customer telephone requests and complaints. In fact, excellent customer support, good customer service practices, and quality go far beyond that. 68% of customers will leave the business if they feel that they are not appreciated. That is to say, it’s the extra mile that you have to go by merely doing smaller acts to produce happy customers. For example, this can be as simple as how a receptionist treats a customer who walks in to make a payment, how you help your customer to choose a product, address a customer by his/her name, or how fast you resolve customer complaints makes a difference.    

Remember, in this digital age of social media, bad news travels faster than air! No matter how established your business is, one negative customer experience can result in loss of customer loyalty, loss in profits, a damaged reputation and ultimately losing your best employees. Such negative consequences can be manipulated even before it occurs. The good news is that with quick actions of good customer support habits and practices, even the worst customer issues can be corrected and repaired. It’s just how and when your business resolves these customer service problems while making the customer experience special. Likewise, every business, whether small or big should consider the impact that customer service has on their bottom-line.   

Impact of customer service on business success  

So, you are a brand striving to stay top-of-the-mind with your customers and looking for ways to improve customer experience? While many businesses believe that excellent client service is an opportunity to exceed expectations, few keep this effort to the bare minimum. Why not take note of these top 5 ways to understand how customer support impacts the bottom-line results. 

1. Good service translates to loyal customers  

Definitely, it takes quite an effort to earn loyal customers and their business. Remember, customers love the consistent and personalized customer support. This makes them feel warm and good about doing business with you. Why not give them the reason to return to you? You might have the best product in the world, but if the customer care and support fail to engage the client, you will drive your customers away. Instead, help your customer with a good deed to build strong relationships. The payoff is worth the effort! 

2. Bad service equals to negative reviews 

Another key point of customer experience is that bad customer care is the primary reason responsible for customer churn. Besides, a dissatisfied customer will tell 9-15 people about his/her experience. Moreover, they will not hesitate to publicize any unpleasant experience in connection to your brand. Thanks to the social media platforms that have made it easier for unhappy customers to reach out to millions of potential customers instantly by sharing negative experiences with the whole world! 

3. Happy customers mean more business 

Did you know that happy customers whose experience with your brand is good, spend 140% more than dissatisfied customers with negative experience! Here, the logic is simple. Since customers’ purchasing decisions are based on social media reviews, hence, the more satisfied your customers are, the more the numbers of brand advocates. Consequently, this triggers future purchases and increase the chances of becoming repeat customers for your brand. So now, it’s up to you to make them feel valued and win their long-term happiness and loyalty.      

4. Quality customer service attracts new customers 

If you provide friendly, knowledgeable and easy-to-use customer support, not only you set yourself apart from the competition but also you attract potential customers. Successful brands that are delivering superior customer experience maximize their business bottom-line. No matter what the business model, quality customer service that involve quick response times, thank you note, live chat support or building a relationship in social media- every bit of customer care plays its role in customer satisfaction and thereby, attract the potential customer.    

5. Better customer support enhances company reputation 

From products to services-what people think about your brand impacts the business bottom-line. Having the right people on the front line for customer interactions improves customer satisfaction by quickly resolving client issues. This, in turn, creates a positive experience that affects business profitability and enhances business profile for your brand. The result is building a robust brand reputation and stay ahead of your competitors.      

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