elp desk management solutions are a necessity in today’s competitive business environment  We all know that happy and satisfied customers translate to sales and business growth in the long run. Often, business requirements are complex. Hence, it is difficult to find a help desk management solution that meets and matches all expectations. We need high-quality round the clock support assistance. Instant response to customer tickets, proactive approach, and timely resolution are some of the other important pre-requisites. Consequently, selecting the right support tool is not an easy task. Read this synoptic case study on how ngDesk has helped All Blue Solutions achieve its customer service goals. 

All Blue Solutions is a Platinum IBM business partner responsible for managing the software and IT infrastructure needs of clients. The company offers specialized software solutions and services to business enterprises across diverse industry sectors. All Blue Solutions has a dedicated customer support team that receives nearly 50 service requests daily. Often, these support requests require urgent attention since any issues with the software affect the productivity of client firms. Prompt and instant response is, thus, a vital support requirement. 

The case study highlights the reasons why All Blue Solutions uses ngDesk to enhance its support functions and overall customer experience. 


Customer journey is important 

Being a global IT solution provider, All Blue service focus has been on simplifying the customer journey across various touchpoints. If you consider the customer journey in plain and simple terms, it begins from the point where the customer plans to buy some goods or services. They make the purchase and then share their experience about the goods or services they purchased. The reality is entirely different though. The customer journey encompasses several complexities. Several parameters influence the purchase decision. Remember, you are molding customer perception of your product or service every time the customer comes in contact with your business. Hence, mapping the customer journey and their overall experience with your brand can be a tricky affair.  

Before we begin talking about how to simplify the customer journey, let us delve a little deeper to pinpoint the benefits of mapping this journey. Mapping helps in identifying the key areas where customer experience turns sour. It also helps in gaining useful insights into what customers expect from the business and how we can deliver to their expectations. The objective is to improve the customer experience across multiple touchpoints.   

Essentially, companies need an integrated approach for efficient management across customer touchpoints. Helpdesk portals like ngDesk offer a consolidated platform that meets your overall business support requirements. All Blue Solutions has engaged this platform to streamline its customer journey right from dealing with prospective customer’s quest for information about services to managing customer issues across multiple channels of communication.  

Seamless integration makes way for efficiency 

Yes, siloed support systems can limit your business potentials in more ways than one. First, you fail to get a comprehensive picture of how your customers are engaging with your brand. Secondly, your customer support team is unable to map different support messages posted on multiple channels. For instance, there is no way of linking a customer’s service request on Email support channel to another support request posted on the Company’s Facebook page. Coordination between different teams is a time-consuming affair. Consequently, customer service ratings suffer as support agents are unable to provide prompt resolutions.   

ngDesk diverts support requests from multiple channels to a centralized inbox.  Support teams and agents have a consolidated view of customer tickets, conversation histories, along with their business profiles. Such information database empowers the agents and the service quality standards are automatically leveraged.  

Customer support had been a distinct challenge for us considering the huge volumes of client queries received daily. I was clearly impressed by the way ngDesk streamlined everything for us. We have configured process automations and custom workflows in ngDesk and that has added to our service efficiency too. We receive a lot of requests for additional information through emails, SMS, Whatsapp, and even Facebook posts. Thanks to ngDesk, all these requests are channeled to a single inbox and responding to customers is now a piece of cake. What’s more, ngDesk also offers the live chat widget that we have deployed on our All Blue Solutions website. 

Spencer Fontein (Product Development Manager, All Blue Solutions)

Customer-centric focus 

Customer satisfaction is the key to successful market presence. All Blue Solutions have always maintained a customer-centric approach to support services. Business clients seek instant resolution to their system issues. Moreover, being an accredited Managed Solutions Provider for IBM products, the Company must maintain excellent service quality standards. And, ngDesk has played a crucial role in ensuring this 

The platform supports multiple advanced features that allow you to automate routine tasks, configure auto-responses to customer messages, or escalate issues based on the urgency of the issues. There are several benefits attached to the use of ngDesk, as pointed out by the Chief Technology Officer of the firm. We have listed these benefits below. 

Reduced IT costs 

Spiraling IT costs is a crucial factor considered while selecting a suitable software tool for your business. Hence, cost-benefit analysis is an important step for evaluating the efficiency of various application tools. All Blue Solutions finds ngDesk a cost-efficient help desk solution for their business since the platform is free for enterprise use. Yes, ngDesk is a free tool. Hence, cost savings is one of the added incentives of using ngDesk.

Prompt responses to customer 

All Blue Solutions has configured its ngDesk portal to send automated responses to its customers. So, when the customer raises a new ticket or if there is an update on the ticket, the system sends auto-notifications to the customer. These responses ensure that customers receive prompt and instant alerts.

Configure task automation  

All Blue Solutions has automated its ticket management workflows using triggers, SLAs, escalations, and schedules features. For instance, whenever a customer reaches out to the support team for assistance, the system will identify the selected product or service and route the issue to the concerned team. Hence, the system routes the customer issues to the experts for prompt action. Similarly, the company has set up triggers to auto escalate issues to senior technical teams for assistance if the agents do not respond to these issues within a specified time period. In addition, the system is also configured to send weekly reports to department heads. Such automation has not only made support teams efficient, but it also serves to optimize the entire operations.

Streamlined workflows 

One of the major bottlenecks facing firms is the waiting time. Waiting time for actions, decisions, or responses to specific instances. Often, these bottlenecks are on account of dis-integrated systems and processes that do not talk to each other. Streamlined workflows help in removing these bottlenecks effectively. Make sure you enable perfect integration between the systems and processes in place. Firms are adopting an agile and decentralized approach within all departments. The objective is to implement an integrated workflow where each activity nodes are well connected and digitized. All Blue deploys ngDesk to build and maintain automated workflows that ensure optimized performance of all departments. For instance, the company has integrated the agent work schedules with the ticket escalations to ensure no tickets are left unattended for a long time.

Customized portal 

Tailored business solutions are ideal for any business. ngDesk offers customization at the granular level using its layout editor and form builder options. All Blue Solutions have customized the ngDesk portal to meet precise business requirements. For instance, the Company has customized the ticket submission form as per the requirements of the portal. Secondly, the company has created its custom list layouts that provide a comprehensive view of customer data and other module data.

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