he WordPress live chat plugin is a smart business tool. Wondering how it benefits your business? Or, how does it help increase customer engagement? Basically, market performance has a direct correlation with customer engagement. Engaged customers have a strong association with your brand. And, this translates to increased sales. However, retaining customers is not an easy task considering the ample market choices available to customers. Hence, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of a business. It goes without saying that if your business is serious about delivering best-in-class customer services, then you must focus on increasing your customer engagement. This will definitely promote your brand. And while talking about customer engagement, live chat offers the scope for consistent customer interaction round the clock.

Presently, most businesses have online chat options deployed on their websites. Through online chat, the support staff communicates effectively with online users. But these online chat options are not completely equipped with advanced mechanisms. Actually, most of them are not able to track customer data or manage customer queries. At this point, if we study the WordPress plugins closely, we will see how effectively it can help a business. First of all, WordPress live chat plugins are handy and inexpensive. It provides the users with real-time support on your portal. From small to mid-size, any business that does not have a live chat tool deployed on their website will benefit from this live chat plugin.

Why your business needs WP live chat plugin

Undoubtedly, WordPress live chat plugins are ideal for all businesses irrespective of size or scale. The plugins support multiple features like unlimited live chats agents, multiple chat box themes, the ability to interact with your online users, offline messages, and much more. Even if required, you can save offline messages and access the history of the live chats later. Another important point is that you can add gif files, animations, surveys and even customer polls to your chat messages. This adds more value and appeals to your chats. Further, you can also enable notifications for new tickets and manage your support. With a complete functional live chat plugin, you can increase your sales and quickly resolve customer issues.

The live chat feature is an effective method of instant communication and easily embedded to your web pages or mobile apps. Let’s discuss the key benefits of the WP live chat plugins and understand how it can make a huge difference to your business.

Benefits of WordPress Live chat plugins

WordPress live chat plugin

Live chat as an effective support option

It’s very common that customers want multiple options for communicating with your brand. When they pay for a product or service, they expect prompt service. Hence, if you have only email support or phone call support option, then you’re not giving your users many choices. Yes, some users may like to talk over the phone, and some may look through blogs or forums for any critical issues. But most users prefer the live chat option. Most certainly, customers like the instant access to support agents offered by the live chat tool. And, it makes them happy. Whatever else, live chat is the fastest way to answer and solve any relevant issues. Additionally, it supports live screen sharing or broadcasting, which makes the interactions convenient and satisfying for customers.

Prompt response

It’s a fact that sometimes online users face difficulties while purchasing an item online. It’s a typical problem in the e-commerce sector. And, they try to reach out to customer care. Many of them don’t like to give a call, because all calls are is the IVR process. And, this is not a very convenient approach since users have to wait for a long time. But a live chat box serves as an instant form of customer communication. It helps a customer to connect instantly with the support staff and make his query before purchasing. Even after sales, live chat support helps a business collect the feedback and suggestions of the customers. Hence, you have a scope to improve or upgrade your products and services. However, this is not possible with email or phone call support since very few customers respond via email.

Efficient service

Most of the Live Chat services can support more than one conversation. That means, instead of handling one customer query at a time, your support staff serves multiple clients simultaneously.

Users Tracking

With WP live chat plugin, the business owners can monitor the activities of users on their site. Obviously, this way you can gather relevant information regarding your users and following that you can initiate business marketing and promotions effectively.

Multilingual support

Another important fact is that like many other plugins, WordPress live chat plugins also come with multiple-language support which helps and automatically translates your conversation with your international customers.

Inexpensive and easy to access

Basically, in phone calls, you need to pay for monthly bill but in the live chat, there is a one-time solution. As many users usually prefer live messaging anyways, so it is a win-win situation after all.

Brand promotion

If a customer has a good impression of your services to the customers, the next time customer will only think about your business. This means, via live chat you are able to present your brand. You can evaluate your communication and focus on the customer experience. Thus, you can present your brand’s image that attracts your customers’ minds. They may have many companies in mind, but your brand comes first because they had great customer support experience.


Privacy and security are the primary concerns for all businesses. So, they try to maintain those strictly whether in communication or any transactions. WP plugins provide end-to-end encryption for live chats. As a result, your sales transactions and security information are always secure, you can ensure this to your customers.

Feedback and suggestion

Some of the WordPress live chat plugins allow you to log customers’ actions on your site and the queries to the support staff. Actually, this helps with target marketing in the future. In the live chat, you can note down the real feedback or any suggestions on your services. You can rectify those if there are any issues.

Limited disruption

Whether professional or personal, typing text is relatively easier than calling the support team. Moreover, you can use live chat on minimal net speed. You can even use the live chat option from your mobile. So, for online chat, the chances of disruption while interacting with your customers is limited. Whereas, in case of phone calls the surrounding noise can disrupt and affect the call quality.

You have learned how WordPress plugins can benefit your business to respond to conversational marketing. It’s super-easy to add these plugins to your portal and use this option to take advantage of your business growth. The ngDesk WordPress live chat plugin meets your business needs effectively. Add this plugin to your WordPress site today to chat with your customers!!