quick search on Google for help desk software platforms provides links to multiple customer support solutions available online. Some of these platforms can be downloaded and installed for use, there are multiple others that offer cloud-based solutions. So, how do you choose the right ticketing software solution for your business? 

Integrated support

Integrated support systems add value to your business

So, what are help desks and how do they serve our business requirements? Often, agents take a long time to respond to multiple support requests. So, prompt customer service often takes a backseat as other work processes take precedence. Managers often overlook the importance of prompt customer support services. There is positive correlation between customer satisfaction and the quality of customer support services. Help desk software enables you to log the customer support requests as tickets. You can configure your service desk to perform several tasks. For instance you can send automated notifications to customers, assign the tickets to available agents and route it through relevant workflows. Consequently service desks contribute to improved customer satisfaction.

We have summarized a few pointers below that are important parameters for you to consider while deciding on which help desk software to deploy for your business. 

Customer support needs

Customer support services is the lifeblood for your organization especially if you are operating in the service sector. Routine queries, grievances, feedback, requests for customized offers, and suggestions flow in incessantly. On the other hand, customer support requirements is often restricted to routine queries or feedback if you are in the business of selling chocolates!! So, identify your customer support needs before you begin the hunt for a help desk. Prompt and exceptional customer service adds value to your business.

Scan your customer support requirements and their expectations from your business before deciding on which support platform to deploy. 

Support channel preference

Remember, not all customers are comfortable calling up on your dedicated support line. Emails may not provide an instant response to their queries too. Most often customers seek a hassle-free support medium that does not consume much of their time and provides instant responses. Further, social media platforms are preferred communication options for most customers today.  Customers seek public reviews or share their experience in context to the product or service. 

So, select a platform that offers omni-channel customer support services. Omni-channel customer service platforms integrates customer interactions across multiple channels to ensure a consistent approach.

Whatsapp channel advantage

According to a recent Forbes article, Whatsapp is one of the largest messaging platforms used by over 1.5 billion active users. A wide majority of business enterprises are using Whatsapp to engage and interact with their customer base. What’s more, the channel ensure constant user engagement with your brand. Consequently, this helps in improving customer satisfaction levels

So, make sure your help desk has the Whatsapp advantage.

Customization is the key to efficiency

Yes, customization of your help desk to your precise business requirements is important. It provides you the flexibility of tuning your help desk software to your business process requirements. Evaluate the help desk software capabilities to adapt to existing and evolving needs. Is your current help desk tool customizable? And if so, to what extent. Further, an important point to consider is the evolving changes has an impact on your existing work processes. 

So, make sure your help desk is futuristic, customizable, and scalable in design.

Features define the scope of service

Your help desk features and functions are an important point for consideration. Basically, features determine the scope of support services. User management, channel integrations, centralized inbox, live chat, knowledge base, automations, chatbots, are some of the vital features required to deliver efficient customer support service. 

Hence, evaluate the features and service possibilities offered by the help desk software.

Suggested solution to your business requirements – ngDesk

helping customers

ngDesk – the next generation help desk

To conclude, the effectiveness of your help desk software depends on its features. Does it allow task automation? Does it support multiple channel integrations? Can you customize the platform to your precise business requirements? Is the tool easily scalable? These are some answers that you must seek before making your decision.

ngDesk also referred to as the next-generation service desk platform. It offers users various options to customize workflows, automate routine tasks, create smart alerts, and personalize your portal to reflect your brand values. Consequently, this service desk platform is a total game-changer. You need a dynamic platform like ngDesk in the current business context where technology tools are evolving at a rapid pace.

So, how do you get ngDesk working for you? It’s simple – Visit https://www.ngdesk.com/ and click on the Sign-Up button to get started with this dynamic business tool.