Importance of Business Development

Importance of Business Development and How Does Marketing Automation Help?

One can generate market qualify leads instantly with the aid of an efficient marketing strategy and continuously engage with high-quality content in their marketing channel through blogs on leadership, case studies, e-books, and educational videos. The marketing automation platform, alongside email and nurture building, enables an individual to nurture leads and the analytical capabilities of these marketing automation tools allow them to segment their audiences. Individual needs to work with the sales department to develop certain sales strategies, and include various marketing and sales processes through which sales and marketing people can work together and apply for a smooth transition from marketing to sales.

From MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) to SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) and SRL (Sales-ready lead) How?

Marketing people nurtures the leads to generate qualified leads, whereas sales team needs assistance regarding each lead’s marketing background, it is the business development officer that streamlines the communications between both the departments and help them fall on the exact definition of qualified leads. Now, the question that arises in a reader’s mind is how? According to the experts of ngDesk CRM, they put special emphasis on the concept of lead scoring.

Lead Scoring – What Is It and What Role Does It Play?

Lead scoring is the usage of data to calculate how promising a particular lead is, and the business development team creates these rules after having a conversation with the sales and marketing teams. According to the experts, lead scoring guidelines within an organization are a breathing element of a successful changeover from marketing to sales, as they constantly keeps on changing. Once the lead scoring rules get generated, they are uploaded successfully within the marketing automation system, this is how the marketing team comes to know when to pass these to the business development team.

Once the lead score gets prepared, it gets passed to a Business Development Representative, and that’s why marketing automation tool is successfully integrated with a CRM. Automatically it passes down the lead and facilitates conversation between BDR and the marketing people, and with the aid of marketing-sales dynamic strategy, the BDRs (Business Development Representatives) ensures that the leads are qualified for sales-ready and no deals fall through the cracks.

The Role of Business Development Representatives (BDRs)

The business development department engages with sales prospects through multiple channels like social media, emails, and cold callings. Each interaction lets them gather information about the lead, and it is passed down to the sales team once the BDR department has determined that the lead is a sales-ready lead (SLR).

Technologies Used by BDRs:

The BDRs generally integrates marketing automation tools with their CRM to increase the visibility and accessibility of all the marketing and sales data. Marketing automation technology does play a significant role, as it aids both the marketing team and the BDRs to define the lead scoring rules, and it assists the marketing team to hand over nurtured leads to the BDRs.

With the assistance of nurturing campaigns and segmentation tools, marketing automation aids in categorizing the database to follow up with the right track and aids both the marketing, sales, and BDRs department to determine each prospects product interests. When BDRs interact with these leads, they prepare to cultivate those interests and turn them into a sales possibility.

The next step to the lead nurturing technique is to leverage Artificial Intelligence within the marketing automation system, as it clearly defines the lead scoring rules. Nowadays, Artificial intelligence do analyze the similarities and difference that exists between present and past leads that are closed with successful deals, and assign more realistic scores to each prospect. In other words, artificial intelligence will prevent human errors and the definition difference that exists between all the three departments (marketing, sales, and BDRs).

It is mandatory to collaborate between marketing and sales when CRM integrated with marketing automation tool, and it will play a crucial role in the overall process. The CRM and the marketing automation tools offer all the features that an organization needs to explore regarding lead interests without any roadblocks and blind spots, without filling the team schedules with never-ending manual tasks. Users should be able to let the platform perform its requisite tasks while offered with most relevant information.

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