Amazon CloudWatch with your ngDesk

Integrating Amazon CloudWatch with your ngDesk Account

Amazon CloudWatch is mainly a component of Amazon Web Services that monitors AWS resources and customer-run applications. Amazon Cloud Watch assists an organization to collect data, gain insight, and alert users to fix problems within applications and organizations and provides system-wide visibility into resource utilization and notifications set for any metrics that cross a specified threshold. It enables users to collect and view monitoring data for AWS infrastructures in a single platform and comes with features like data collection, monitoring automated actions, analysis, compliance, and security.

To integrate Amazon CloudWatch with your ngDesk account some of the steps that should be there are as follows:

Step 1:

Log in to your ng Desk account as a System Admin user.

Step 2:

From Company Settings sidebar main menu, scroll down towards the bottom of the page until you find Integrations.

From Main Menu Click on Company Setting and scroll down to find Integrations

Step 3:

Open AWS by clicking on the same.

Click on AWS Cloud Watch for Integration

And then copy the link inside it.

Copy the link from Endpoint for AWS Cloud Watch Integration

Step 4:

Login to your AWS Management Console and once in, type in ‘ Topic ‘ in search bar which is located at the top of the page and then click on ‘ Simple Notification Service ‘.

Login to your AWS management console. With the help of search bar, search for Topic and click on simple notification service

Step 5:

Under Amazon SNS Dashboard, click on ‘ Topics ‘.

Click on Topics under Amazon SNS.

Step 6:

Hit on ‘ Create Topic ‘ .

On the right side click on Create Topic to create new.

Step 7:

Select ‘ Standard ‘ and then type in a name(Name should be alphanumeric). Hit on ‘ Create Topic ‘ at the bottom of the page once done.

Select the Standard option and give it a name. Once done click on Create Topic.

Step 8:

Open the Topic which you have created by clicking on its name and then click on ‘ Create a Subscription ‘

Click on the topic which you have just created.
Once you have opened the topic click on Create Subscription.

Step 9:

Under Topic ARN, select the one which ends with the Topic name which you have created. Under Protocol, Select ‘ HTTPS ‘.

Under Endpoint, paste the link which you have copied from AWS under your ngDesk account and then hit on ‘ Create Subscription ‘ at the bottom of the page for the changes to take effect.

Under section fill the details, for Endpoint paste the link which you have copied from ngDesk and click Create Subscription.

Step 10:

Go to ‘ Services ‘ and then Select ‘ CloudWatch ‘ under ‘ Management & Governance ‘.

Select Services scroll towards Management and Governance section and click cloud watch.

Step 11:

Click on ‘ Alarms ‘ from the Left side menu and then click on ‘ Create Alarm ‘.

Under Cloud watch select Alarms from menu and click to Create Alarms

Step 12:

Click on ‘ Select Metric ‘ , and then select the metric pertaining to you from ‘ All metrics ‘.

Click on Select Metric
From All Metrics select the metric.

Step 13:

Select the relevant Volume Id for which you want to create an alarm and then click on ‘ Select Metric ‘.

Click on Select Metric once you have selected relevant volume Id

Step 14:

Select the conditions according to your requirements and then click on ‘ Next ‘.

Select the condition according to your requirement and click on next

Step 15:

Under Send a notification to… select the Topic Name which you have created and then hit on ‘ Next ‘.

Select the topic you have created from send a notification search bar and click on next.

Step 16:

Type in an Alarm Name and Alarm Description and then click on ‘ Next ‘.

Add name and description to alarm and click on next.

Step 17:

Scroll towards the bottom of the page and then click on ‘ Create Alarm ‘ to take effect.

Once all the steps are completed scroll to the bottom and click on Create alarm.

Please note – It is mandatory to create 2 different alarms – one for ‘ In Alarm ‘ and another one for ‘ Ok ‘, without which the tickets will not be created under ngDesk.

Benefits of Integrating Amazon Cloud Watch with ngDesk Accounts

The benefits of integrating Amazon cloud watch with your ngDesk accounts are explained as follows:

  • CloudWatch offers ease of use for preliminary functions to your organizations
  • It provides visibility for all AWS monitoring data on one platform
  • Effectively collects metrics for AWS environments
  • Increases and optimizes the operational performance of AWS and on-premises resources of your organization
  • Provides insights into correlations and other relationships in system performance
  • CloudWatch offers stability and reliability to your organization
  • It offers integration with other AWS resources of your company

In conclusion, we can say that Amazon CloudWatch is a service that monitors system performance for AWS applications and resources of your organization ngDesk accounts and alert the on-call persons to resolve the problems of your clients at once.