Integrating Microsoft Teams with your ngDesk subdomain

ngDesk offers all-in-one solutions in the field of customer support, sales, marketing and allow you to smoothly automate the overall process. Thus, integration of Microsoft Teams with ngDesk subdomains enables all the support team member of an organization to easily resolve the support tickets at once.

The steps to integrate Microsoft Teams with ngDesk subdomains are as follows:

Step 1:

Open the Microsoft Teams Applications (make sure you have signed in already) and then click on Apps located at the bottom left of the screen just under the sidebar menu.

Step 2:

Just search and locate the ngDesk application under the search all application fields.

Step 3:

Once you locate it, select the ngDesk application, and then click on Add to a Team.

Step 4:

One should type a group or a channel name on the very next page.

Step 5:

Just select the team under which you would like to receive the ngDesk ticket notifications and then click onto set up a bot.

Step 6:

Once you set it up, click on Teams, and then select the team that you opted to receive the ngDesk ticket notifications.

Step 7:

Type in your ngDesk subdomain name and click on submit button. Click on the authenticate button. Once it presents as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 8:

Soon you will be there on the login page of your ngDesk subdomain on the default browser. Just log in with your registered credentials like email address and the  password as follows.

Step 9:

Once you are in ngDesk, confirm the integration of Microsoft Teams by displaying the banners with the group name. It also contains the unsubscribe option.

Step 10:

From the sidebar menu (under ngDesk) goes to the Modules section. Then navigates to tickets > select workflows. Click on the new button to create a new  workflow to receive notifications under Microsoft Teams.

Step 11:

Fill in the details and then click on the save and continue button as shown in the screenshot.

Step 12:

Just drag the Microsoft Team notifications from the list on the left side and drop between the Start and the End button, as shown in the below screen capture. Just connect the start action by dragging the arrow from the black dot on the start button and connect it to the Microsoft Team notification action. On the other hand, end the action by dragging the black dot from the Microsoft Teams Notification action and dropping it on the End button.

Step 13:

Click on customize button to configure the notifications.

Step 14:

Select the field according to your requirements, as shown below. Once done, click on the Save button and then click on the Main Workflow window.

Step 15:

The changes made on any ticket will receive a notification from Microsoft Team are shown below.

Step 16:

The View button takes you to the specific ticket on the default browser. The show actions button gives you the actions performed on the tickets via Microsoft Teams. If you click on it, it gives you two action buttons – On clicking the close button, it changes the status of the specific queries to close. On the other hand, acknowledge button changes the status of a ticket to Pending.

Merging Microsoft Teams with your ngDesk subdomain allows you to receive notifications on the Microsoft chat window regarding any changes made on any of the support tickets of a particular organization.

As you already done your integrating Microsoft Teams with your ngDesk Subdomain. Explore the benefits of integrating Microsoft Teams with your ngDesk Subdomain!