Integrating Zoom to your ngDesk subdomain

Some consider that text-based support works great for many support inquiries. On the other hand, if a customer issue is very complex or heavy on technical details, written correspondence can be like giving out home works. If a solution is not clear-cut for the agents, the back and forth of a trial-and-error approach might delay the overall process of resolving an urgent issue. Additionally, there is something lost when agents are not used to their tone of voice and body language. Recent studies show that it takes more than words to convey exact feelings and intentions. Sometimes body language, in particular, plays a crucial role in how we build a successful relationship. As a result, there can be a great benefit in offering an interpersonal experience via remote support like Zoom.

Some of the steps that are followed for integration of Zoom into your ngDesk subdomain are as follows:


Step 1:

Login to your ngDesk account as a System Admin User.

Step 2:

From Sidebar main menu, navigate to Company Settings > Integrations > Click on Zoom.

Step 3:

Click on add ngDesk to Zoom button

Step 4:

Just click on authorize button

Step 5:

Once authorization is done your Zoom credentials will be displayed as a confirmation

Step 6:

From the side bar menu, navigate to modules and then select the module for which the Zoom has to be included. If you wish to include Zoom onto Tickets module, just open the tickets module.

Step 7:

Just open fields and then create a new field by clicking on new button at the top right corner.

Step 8:

Type in a name for the field and select the data type as Zoom, hit on next button, hit on save button in the next window to take effect. This creates a new field with the Zoom Data type.

Step 9:

From the ticket’s module, navigate to layouts and then open the web edit layout onto which you would like to add this Zoom field. Just drag the Zoom meeting button from layout builder and then drop it under layout fields list which is adjacent to it. Hit on save button to take effect.

Step 10:

Once done, the Zoom meeting button starts reflecting under the web edit tickets layout for which you have added. Click on zoom meeting button.

Step 11:

Zoom meeting button will now turn into start zoom meeting. Click on the same to start the meeting. The meeting invitation will be sent to the requester automatically as an email response from the ticket and immediately the meeting starts too.

Step 12:

Just configure your audio settings and you will be connected onto the conference once done.


In case you are planning to uninstall, just follow these three steps:

Step 13:

Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

Step 14:

Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the ngDesk App.

Step 15:

Just click the ngDesk App.

Step 16:

Then, click Uninstall.

To sum up, integrating Zoom with your organization’s ngDesk applications helps the customer’s support agents to resolve issues and support tickets faster than ever. Empower your agent to deliver instant technical support to their most valued clients with the aid of Zoom and ngDesk applications.

As we know about how to integrate Zoom with ngDesk, learn more on benefits of integrating Zoom with ngDesk subdomain.