Keep Your Business Data Secure with ngDesk CRM

Keep Your Business Data Secure with ngDesk CRM

Organizations across the world are accelerating their business by transferring their data and infrastructure in the cloud environment. More companies are becoming the target of cyberattacks, so securing the CRM is a top priority for companies, as they want to protect their sensitive data from theft.

Security appears to be the top concern for the companies and their vendor, it includes workflow automation, predicting capabilities, email integration, and document management. Choosing ngDesk CRM backed by leading cloud technology to focus on strategic business growth, by providing intelligent, intuitive, and high-performing customer support solutions to their clients.

The ngDesk cloud platform works on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and it has been accepted as the most commonly used cloud platform. It offers unique services for organization’s business expansion across the globe. Some of the services include servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security. In addition to that companies remain confident that their businesses are immensely secured and monitored by the most trusted cloud platform (AWS).

ngDesk smoothly improves the customer and enterprise connectivity as it offers unique experiences for organization’s business expansion

Localization & Availability:

There are certain operations where local regulations guidelines require the data of SMBs to remain in a specific country. As ngDesk utilizes AWS cloud platform, organizations can choose the region where they want to contain their data, and it stays in that particular region. Data remains secured within a destination, so all backup and availability requirements are present in that particular geographical location.

Each client’s front-end services and database is constantly replicated across multiple data centers within a stipulated region. To ensure that the companies have proper access to their data even if data breaches issues.

Data Security:

Every Companies across the globe generates, collects, and store a large quantity of data which is sensitive in nature like corporate trade secrets or private financial consumer information. A company having stringent security rules can still tap into the cloud benefits through the private cloud- where your company maintains its dedicated server which is securely monitored by a cloud provider.

5 ways Your Data Remains Secured with ngDesk

  1. ngDesk guarantees strict access for unauthorized personnel. Multi-factor authentication programs are used on all systems, for all access points, at all times. It provides Roles-based access control, configurable and reviewable by the clients.
  2. All data at ngDesk CRM is encrypted in transit and at rest. ngDesk CRM requires the latest and the most secured encryption algorithms.
  3. The ngDesk CRM maintains active data retention laws and retains or deletes all data according to applicable rules and compliance policies. If a ngDesk customer decides to leave ngDesk, still they can access their sensitive data for three months as per request. After 90 days, the data gets automatically erased.
  4. ngDesk maintains a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance program, and all details are strictly processed being part of the privacy policy.
  5. Through a comprehensive software development lifecycle (SDLC), ngDesk program codes are kept secure. Tests of the technical programs are rigorously performed, and gaps get reduced at once. Once all the codes pass through the tests, they go for QA purposes. The program qualifies the QA, and it is put into an environment to be pen tested.

The main objective is to remain competitive by adding the newest features and increasing operational efficiency in the clouds by saving both money and resources. ngDesk, uses the most advanced technologies and components designed to offer ultimate performances, reliability, scalability, and security for your business growth objective.

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