ant to build a knowledge base that supports your self-service goals? Well, the knowledge base is an effective customer service tool. A contextually-rich knowledge base offers precise and relevant information to users. If you consider the relevance of the information available on the knowledge base, the quality of content makes a big difference. Hence, unstructured or out-dated content holds absolutely little or no significance to your users. 

One of the key primary knowledge management objectives is connecting the knowledge seeker with the knowledge provider. Hence, your knowledge base acts as the transmitter of knowledge. So, systems store the knowledge and knowledge seekers connect to the systems to acquire knowledge. 80% of knowledge base users claim that knowledge provides competitive advantage and adds value for the customers. 

Planning your knowledge base needs

A high performing knowledge base is a win-win proposition both for your business and your users. As it empowers your users and your business benefits from increased user engagement with your brand. Essentially, the knowledge base comprises of how-to articles, whitepapers, case studies, guides, manuals, or FAQs. You have to ensure your knowledge base addresses your user pain points and bottlenecks. So, make sure you cover probable customer questions. A little bit of planning and researching customer needs adds to the value of your knowledge base.

Information architecture

Further, your content plan is an important dimension determining the information hierarchy and knowledge base structure. Consider your key support categories, identify how topics can be grouped, and the way individual articles link to each other. So, make sure you identify a logical pattern and rationale to guide your knowledge base design.

And finally

Finally, make sure your knowledge base serves as a dynamic tool for your business. Avoid static and outdated content. Get user feedback to learn more about their expectations from the platform. Monitor, update, and engage – follow these three mantras to host an exemplary knowledge base tool for your business.

Our infographic below delivers some interesting insights on knowledge management practices and how firms can deploy it to manage for self-service goals.

knowledge management practices infographic

Well, now that you realize the potential benefits of self-service concepts in the customer support industry, it’s time to deploy one for your business. Sign up today to build your custom knowledge base and meet your customer’s self-service needs.