he ngDesk Team expresses its solidarity with everyone affected by the Covid-19 outbreakWe salute the relentless efforts of the medical teams and all other professionals working round the clock to help people. And, in tune to the evolving requirements of the day we offer few tips and resources designed to meet the operational challenges in context to business continuity and customer support services.  

Business continuity, collaboration and communication 

The Covid-19 outbreak is causing massive disruptions worldwide. And, there is no denying the fact that the economic environment will take a long time to come back to normalcy. Employers are grappling with remote work operations while employees are adjusting to new work modes. As such, your users and business customers appreciate the service and online availability of your support team. Inadvertently, your users or customers might feel like they are tossed into the sea without any lifeboat. So, online support and help in sight can be just what they need at this hour. Hence, prompt and efficient resolution of customer queries or information needs become crucial in such conditions.  

Well, if you are wondering how to ensure business continuity in the wake of corona virus scare, below are some tips for you.  

Deploy the right business tools 

Remember, work from home should not be a problem if you have the right set of tools and technologies at your disposal. Essentially, our ngDesk portal allows you to set up your virtual customer support services while facilitating 24/7 accessibility through the ngDesk Live Chat tool. Hence, this ensures your customers can reach out to you anytime and from anyplace. Moreover, remote assistance becomes easier to implement and manage with ngDesk. 

Define your self-service strategy 

Provide your customers the edge with self-service options to facilitate prompt resolution to their concerns or queries. More specifically, use the ngDesk self-service tools to empower and engage your customers effectively. Your knowledge base resources will guide the users whenever they need specific information or face any issue. Further, you can also build your custom chatbot to take care of your customer support requirements. 

Our customer support team commitment 

The customer support team at ngDesk is always there to take care of your service requirementsWe understand that the top priority is to ensure the well-being and safety of people around us. Hence, our efforts are on ensuring dedicated customer support services to our customers. In this hour of need, we stand committed to our customers and several other users that depend on the support services of our customers. So, Sign up for ngDesk today. It takes only a few minutes to set up your remote customer support tool for your business.

Refer to our knowledge base if you want to know more about using some system features. Further, our support team will guide you through ngDesk features and tools. You can click on the chat widget to reach out to our customer support representatives any time of the day. Alternatively, you can also shoot us an email with your queries or concerns at support@ngdesk.com.