re you looking for a perfectly customizable helpdesk? Customer relationship is the foundation for effective business performance. And, the best way to build strong customer relationship is to improve your support services. Yes, outstanding customer support services translate to increased customer satisfaction while also improving the credibility of your product or service. 

Customizable helpdesks – we need them

Helpdesk software tools enable you to organize your customer queries or requests and route them through relevant workflows. A significant number of business firms today are adopting customer service software tools to manage their support issues efficiently. Essentially, the adoption rates are growing primarily because these tools support multiple features and functionalities designed to automate your business processes. The other reasons contributing to this growth is the advanced features supported by these tools to customize the platform to your specific business requirements. Hence, customization and automation are vital parameters influencing management decisions while choosing the right helpdesk for their business.

Benefits of customizing your helpdesk

Customization extends the benefit of tailoring your helpdesk to meet and match your business expectations. Additionally, it also offers you a means of simplifying your business needs. However, the customization options can become a complicated affair when you need to run to your solution provider every time you need some adjustments or changes in your helpdesk platform. Hence, search for a helpdesk that supports easy customization options. 

Well, your search ends here. Below we take a deep dive to provide you a perfect helpdesk solution that can be easily molded to meet diverse business needs.

ngDesk – the most customizable helpdesk

ngDesk is a helpdesk platform that is easily customizable to meet and match your specific use case requirements. This multi-faceted business tool supports dynamic features and options that enable you to tailor the interface to your requirements.

Customizable templates 

You can customize your helpdesk look and theme to match your brand persona in ngDesk. Change the color of your helpdesk panel as required. You can also upload your own logo and replace ngDesk logo to give your helpdesk portal a personalized look. What’s more, you can even customize your Sign Up page, Login Page, Sidebar, and even the Favicon to match your brand persona.

Custom domains

You can configure your ngDesk to support custom domain names for your helpdesk portal. So, you can direct your customers to your custom business domain url instead of using the ngDesk url.

Custom email channels

ngDesk enables you to configure your custom email channels. Hence, you can set up email forwarding to ensure all your support emails from your business domain email channel is routed to the ngDesk support email channel. Likewise, you can also set up an SPF TXT record for ngDesk to ensure outgoing responses to your customers are sent from your business domain email channel.This ensures your incoming and outgoing email addresses are routed from your business domain email channel instead of ngDesk.

Customized chats

If you are looking for a dedicated live chat tool for your business, ngDesk is the best option. The platform provides you with free live chat tool that can be deployed on any of your business web-pages. So, embed the live chat widget on your apps and web-pages to ensure round the clock assistance to your customers.

Custom chatbots

Oh yes, you can even build your own custom chatbots to ensure round the clock assistance to your customers. ngDesk Chatbots feature is versatile as it allows you to select from multiple bot nodes to create an engaging bot for your customers. Use these bots to update your customer information database or redirect your users to live agents. So, engage and empower your users to seek answers to their queries instantly and efficiently. Now, isn’t that an exciting feature!! 

Custom knowledge-base

Knowledge Base is a vital feature that allows your customers to seek answers to their queries or gain product knowledge. ngDesk supports an advanced Knowledge Base tool that enables you to build your own custom information database for your users. So, just design your knowledge hierarchy and get going!!

Custom modules

One of the most promising features of ngDesk is the custom module builder. Use ngDesk to build your own custom modules to serve multiple business requirements. You can apply Escalations and Triggers to automate various tasks on these custom modules. Hence, the possibilities of customizing your business processes increases manifold with ngDesk.

Custom form builders

ngDesk allows you to build your own custom forms that can be embedded on your apps or web pages. Design these forms in ngDesk and customize it to enable your users to fill in the required details and submit it online. 

And, the list of customizations possible with ngDesk goes on!! So, what are you waiting for?

Sign Up for ngDesk today!!