remade responses save you the time and hassle of writing the same email responses to your customers. Our customer support team struggles with deadlines and replying to nearly a hundred customer queries every day can add to the frustration. Most of the time, we find responding to similar queries or issues. Same emails being sent over and over again. 

So, whether it’s specific feature-related information or pricing information, typing in the same responses manually can be tiresome. Well, you can create and store common responses as templates. Select the desired template and click on the Send button to respond instantly to your customer queries. Simple, isn’t it?

Premade responses or canned responses are efficient communication tools designed to shorten and speed up your response time. Saved responses and templates make it easier for customer support agents to select the most appropriate response times. Essentially, emails are one of the most popular marketing and business communication channels across the world. And, if your business is growing the number of emails you receive and need responding to every day will also increase. The premade responses feature is the perfect solution to resolve your communication problems.

Why use Premade Responses

Still not convinced? Below are 6 reasons why you should use premade responses.

Update your clients

You can use premade or pre-saved responses to update your clients about specific issues, tickets, or events. For instance, create and save email templates to update your client on the progress of the work you have undertaken for them. 

Hello [Client Last_Name]

The work on your project is in progress and everything is going as per the defined schedule. So, you can expect the delivery of the project on MM/DD/YYYY as per our initial agreement. I will keep you posted In case of any changes in the schedule.

Kind regards

Support Team

Save this template and use it whenever you want to send updates to your clients. All you need to do is select the template and click on the send button. 

Inform customers on subsequent steps

Use premade responses to inform your customers about the subsequent steps they should take once they have completed certain actions. Instead of manually typing in a series of emails, save the response templates for use whenever required. For instance, save premade responses to guide the customers once they have completed sign-up formalities and got access to the system. 

Share price-related information

Use premade responses to share price-related information or catalog details with prospective customers. So, every time a website visitor submits a query about your product or service, you can simply select the information draft email and send it to the prospect immediately. There is no time wasted on drafting and compiling the details. The response is instant and as you know, customers appreciate instant responses. 

Send reminders

Pre-drafted responses can be effectively used to send reminders to your clients. Hence, You can draft the reminder emails to pursue pending payments on previous invoices, or remind customers about renewals for AMCs, and so on. 

Ask for feedback

Create and draft premade responses to seek user feedback once the project is delivered or the issue is resolved. Send these premade responses to your customers and ask them to share their experience with you. 

Follow-up on issues

Similarly, you can also create and save premade responses to follow-up with your clients on vital issues, their information needs, or overall user experience. It can be an effective means of engaging with your customers and finding out more about their expectations from your product. So, draft these responses to strengthen your relationship with your clients and gain their confidence.

Final thoughts

To sum it up, premade responses free up a considerable amount of your time while at the same time, creates the scope of streamlining your customer interactions. There are several advantages attached to the use of premade responses. These include reducing the possibility of typo errors or sending responses to multiple clients simultaneously. From the customer support perspective, it offers instant responses and additional information regarding the product or service in context. 

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