elf-service is trending. Customers want instant answers and instant resolution to their problems. For instance, your system is giving problems?. The first thing you do is perform a Google search to find the possible solutions. Similarly, you want specific information? You turn online to hunt for information and then browse through various links to multiple websites containing relevant details. It’s easy. It’s convenient. So, you save on time and efforts otherwise needed to send emails and then wait for someone to respond to your queries. Essentially, the Internet is redefining the way people search for information or manage issues. 

The self-service concept reflects a paradigm shift in the customer support service sector. Hence, now is a perfect time to can redefine your customer support service game plan. Research estimates endorse the positive implications of self-service resources on overall customer experience. And, the outcome is enhanced customer satisfaction. So, are you considering capitalizing on this trend to boost your customer satisfaction levels? Well, it’s time to adjust your customer game plan and set things moving in the right direction. 

Customer Self Service – an Overview

The self-service concept provides your customers with a platform where they can find answers to their queries. The service platforms include the knowledge base, live chat, chatbots, FAQs, product support community forums and tutorial videos. So, the objective of these platforms is to reduce the number of customer support tickets and help customers find answers to their queries. This is an effective means of introducing alternative support channels while adding to the convenience of your customers. Consequently, support agents are not overloaded and your customers feel empowered too. A wide majority of businesses are adopting the self-service concept. However, simply deploying this concept will not yield the desired results. Check our infographic below to find out the key reasons why the self-service concept fails for certain companies.  Monitoring the service platforms and ensuring it is updated at regular intervals is of utmost importance. 

Well, if you haven’t yet considered this trend, it’s high time you do. 

Find our infographic below to discover some basic facts and essentials related to customer self-service. 

self service

In the end, a self-service game plan pays your business rich dividends in the form of customer satisfaction. Sign up for ngDesk today and switch to the auto-gear customer support mode.