t is a common perception that Software Asset Management (SAM) is all about compliance and audit. Conceptually, software license management and compliance audits define the jurisdiction of IT asset management tools. While, this is, to some extent true, there is more to the picture than meets the eye. Essentially, SAM supports certain key standards and practices that integrate people, processes, and technology to allow systemic management of IT assets. These standards enable firms to streamline their IT assets, deploy the assets, and plan IT expenses effectively. The IT asset management tool gathers existing asset details in one place. The details are used to generate useful insights on the way assets are deployed across the firm and the existing life cycle of the assets. Currently, financial perspectives play a crucial role in management decisions related to implementing SAM solutions. And, in case you are wondering how SAM solutions impact your business, read on to find more details on this topic.

SAM the business case  

Well, firms today are grappling with multiple IT devices. The number of desktops, laptops, printers, copiers, mobiles, and other peripheral accessories is gradually increasing. And, so are the wide variety of software applications used to support day-to-day work processes. Consequently, asset management tools are deployed by these firms to track and manage these assets. Basically, SAM tool provides a comprehensive picture of the company’s software, hardware assets, usage data, and license details. This way, businesses have a firm grip over business or legal risks linked to license or audit requirements. So, you can monitor and manage your IT costs and subsequent allocation of IT assets.

It is a common misperception that firms deploy SAM tools to manage software licenses and meet compliance requirements. In reality, SAM is a practical business tool that serves multiple business objectives. Below we have listed some common application goals met by SAM solutions and how it impacts your business.

A budgetary tool

Well, the end goal is to optimize investments in IT assets and avoid unnecessary expenses. IT infrastructure development and maintenance is not an easy task considering the evolving business needs. In such condition, it pays to deploy SAM to build a cost-effective, reliable, and scalable IT roadmap for your organization. SAM provides a snapshot of your existing assets, evolving requirements, and potential investment needs. Eventually, it is important to align your business requirements with your investment in IT assets. Often, firms make huge investments in purchasing a number of software licenses that are not required or used by any team. SAM helps you identify the discrepancies between your investments and the actual deployment of IT assets

Streamline IT products

IT asset management objectives involve expanded focus on multiple aspects. The objectives and scope of SAM tools enable you to introspect on IT asset deployment across departments, functions, or units. An audit might reveal interesting insights on the products deployed, its usability in context to the environment, and how to streamline it for better results.

Below you will find some of the key dimensions and the basic points for contemplation.

Product standards

One of the first points for contemplation is related to product standards. Ask these questions to define the gaps in your quest for standardization. Is the product version or product standardized in terms of its application? Are there better options available in the market? Is the technology simple to use and easily scalable? Essentially, SAM creates an inventory of existing IT assets along with all related details. Hence, you are in a better position to evaluate the product standards, the gaps, and desired standards for effective business outcomes. 

Product deployment

The second point for contemplation is product deployment. Explore the allocation pattern to detect any discrepancies or redundancies. The overall idea is to ensure optimal deployment of the assets across the firm. Tracking IT assets and its allocation details is one of the key benefits linked to SAM applications. 

Lifetime value of assets

An important consideration is whether the value of the assets is proportionate to its lifetime deployment costs. Hence, the overall idea is to improve asset utilization across various stages of its lifecycle.

ROI on IT infrastructure

ROI is a vital parameter that defines the health and economic viability of the current assets. So, find out if your IT assets are optimally deployed across the organization? Factual evidence establishes that the effective deployment of SAM solutions has a positive impact on your ROI.

Effects of SAM on your business

The above-mentioned parameters are some of the basic points influencing management decision to adopt  SAM solutions. On the whole, managing the IT footprint of an organization requires attention to minute details. Hence, the entire process is not only complex but time-consuming as well. SAM tools, in such conditions, enable firms to maximize their ROI on IT assets. Effective implementation of SAM solutions helps in –

  • Reducing asset maintenance expenses, 
  • Streamlining IT resource allocation, 
  • Managing technology changes, 
  • Controlling compliance risks, and 
  • Minimizing security threats

No doubt, compliance, and audit are vital dimensions linked to SAM solutions. However, that’s not all. The tool, as we have highlighted, plays a crucial role in maintaining and managing IT infrastructure. Hence, the entire environment details are at your fingertips. 

To sum up

Eventually, the adoption rates for SAM solutions will grow exponentially as firms realize the benefits of this tool. SAM marks a significant step towards the strategic management of your IT assets. Planning to deploy one for your business? Well, our latest tool is designed to meet your IT asset management needs most efficiently. If you are looking for an efficient SAM tool that meets the tailored requirements of your business, get in touch with us right now!!