ant to install a live chat plugin on your WordPress website? Here, we provide details about the best live chat plugin option for your WordPress website. 

The ngDesk Live Chat WordPress plugin offers a brilliant and simple to use interactive tool designed to enhance user experience in more ways than one. The tool has multiple features to offer its users. But, before we begin talking more about this tool, let us see how live chat plugins add value to your business.

We know your website serves multiple goals. One of these objectives is to provide contextual information to visitors. And, most visitors do not have the patience to go through pages of content to find what they need. Instead, they prefer instant responses to their queries. A live chat plugin provides an effective and convenient means of meeting this requirement.

Live chat benefits 

Live chat serves multiple benefits for your business. It provides a convenient and effective means of interacting with your clients. The simple tool connects your potential customers to your brand in multiple ways. Here is how.

  • First and foremost, your users can reach out to you over the live chat platform, post their queries related to your business and get their answers almost instantly. This reduces the wait time. 
  • Secondly, the live chat tool also provides you with important insights on user browsing patterns. This information, in turn, enables you to study your user requirements and adopt measures to shape their customer service experience better. 
  • Thirdly, live chat personalizes your interaction with your users. The previous chat histories enables you to collect basic user related information and their precise requirements. Remember, personalization is one of the key elements underlining the success of customer services. 
  • Fourthly, live chat enables you to build your brand presence. Proactive support improves customer experience and increases the chances of customers advertising your brand strengths to others. 
  • And last but not the least, live chat tools can drive sales conversions. Positive user experience and engagement strategies assist in converting potential users into actual customers for your business.

Best plugin option

Clearly, there are several benefits linked to integrating a Live Chat tool on your business website. There are multiple choices and live chat tools from which you can select for your business. While these tools may provide you with similar options and features, it may also mean additional costs for its deployment. The ngDesk live chat plugin feature offers a feature-enriched platform designed to reduce your customer support struggles.

Let’s see why ngDesk Live Chat plugin is the best alternative for your WordPress website.

  • Easy to integrate – Yes, the ngDesk plugin is easy to integrate with your WordPress website. Just follow a few simple steps and the ngDesk live chat plugin is integrated into your WordPress website. Watch the video below to know more about integrating the ngDesk WordPress plugin.
  • Customize your chat widget – You can customize the look of your ngDesk chat widget to match your brand personality.
  • Route your chat to another agent – If the customer query is beyond your scope, route the customer to another agent in a single mouse click.
  • Improve customer experience – Prompt assistance and response to queries equates to enhanced user experience. Streamline your customer service process to solve your customer queries and issues in the most effective manner.
  • Reduce costs of deploying this plugin – All these and more features are available at your fingertips at no additional cost.


To sum it up, the ngDesk Live Chat plugin for WordPress is  chatbot tool is easily configurable. So, plugin ngDesk Live Chat to your WordPress site today!!