randing your helpdesk enhances overall customer experience. Research insights suggest branding contributes to customer loyalty. Your products or services reflect a distinct brand identity. Why not your help desk? After all, customers reach out to your help desk every time they face any issues. 

Branding benefits

Smart customer service principles lay particular emphasis on adopting a consistent brand image. Branding is an important dimension that not only adds value to your business but also helps in creating a consistent image in the customer’s mind. Likewise, branding makes it easier for your customers to distinguish your brand. Moreover, a positive brand reputation helps in building customer loyalty. It is, therefore, important that your help desk allows branding options.

Importance of branding your helpdesk

Customer experience is a vital aspect influencing market performance and consequently, your business revenues too. Helpdesk solutions help create value for the customers through prompt services. Essentially, the focus of such tools is on generating competitive advantage for firms. 

Help desks provide an excellent tool to improve overall customer experience. There are several benefits linked to the deployment of help desks for your business. Some of these include prompt resolution, centralized management of support issues, and improved customer outreach. So, a consistent brand image builds a positive association with the users and also improves the goodwill linked to the product.

Branding options

A quality helpdesk product offers you the option of customizing the look and feel of your platform. Make sure your helpdesk portal supports your company’s color scheme and logo. Change your Favicon, Login Page Icon, Sign Up Page Icon, and Menu icons to reflect your company name and logo. 

Your customers will be able to identify your helpdesk domain instantly if it bears your company domain name. Make sure your helpdesk domain reflects your business domain name instead of the domain name of your helpdesk service provider.

Additionally, you can also ensure your customers send their support requests to your business email address instead of the support email channel offered by your helpdesk. An effective helpdesk tool will route all the support mails received on your business email address to the service desk’s centralized inbox as tickets. Make sure your helpdesk supports the option of sending responses from your business email address instead of the default service desk support email address.

If you want these benefits for your business, deploy the ngDesk helpdesk tool. The platform offers multiple branding options that make it easier to customize your portal to your brand requirements. You can customize your portal’s color theme, change your logo, map your helpdesk domain to your business domain, and configure your email channel to route mails through your business email. Sign up for ngDesk today.