ime tracking is often one of the most popular and in-demand features for helpdesks. The reason is very simple. The feature enables managers to track the time agents spent on tickets. 

We all know time equates to money. And, the generating profits is one of the key goals of all business ventures. Essentially, time tracking helps in optimizing your support functions. Hence, the objective is to get more done within a minimum time period. Time management, therefore, becomes the focal point of discussion for team managers. Consequently, a time tracking feature provides an efficient means of managing and improving your support team’s performance.

Still not convinced. Below are 6 reasons why you should track time spent on tickets.

Evaluate agent performance

Time tracking helps you evaluate your agent’s performance. You can get a fair estimate on the duration spent for resolving simple tickets. In fact, you can also get an estimate on how much time the agent spent on complicated tickets before escalating it. 

Improve team efficiency

Time tracking improves the overall efficiency of support teams. You get a fairly distinct estimate of the timeline required to resolve each type of ticket. So, it becomes easier for you to measure the productivity of the team and identify the gaps in team performance.

Determine support team requirements

Time tracks help in developing benchmarks for different types of tickets. Hence, some tickets may require more time to process. And, there are some types of tickets that can be resolved almost instantly. Managers can allocate the work to various support teams depending on the time estimates for each type of ticket. Hence, time tracking enables you to improve your process workflows.

Prioritize tickets

Time tracking also enables you to prioritize your tickets. Managers can identify tickets that can wait and focus on tickets that require immediate attention. Fast and prompt resolution is the primary goal of all customer support teams. Hence, use time trackers to ensure complicated tickets that require more time to resolve are treated as high priority. The other tickets can be marked as low or medium priority since the issue is not so pressing. 

Know when to escalate issues

You can create workflows to escalate tickets that are taking more than the normal estimated time for resolution. For instance, a particular ticket is not at all complicated and in normal circumstances, it should take only half a day to resolve it. However, if the agent is taking more than the estimated time-frame, they should consider escalating the ticket to experts team. 

Motivate your team

You can use time tracking as a tool to motivate your team. Your team members can evaluate their own performance, set their goals, and identify performance gaps. Time tracking provides the team members with the opportunity to find out how to improve their own productivity and streamline the entire workflow.

To sum it up, time tracking proves to be an effective tool for streamlining your work processes and improving the performance of your support team. The time tracking feature in ngDesk offers all the above-mentioned benefits and more. 

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