f you think that your approach to customer support is just lip service, think again. “60% of businesses with customer support are more profitable than businesses without customer-centricity”. Again, 86% of buyers are ready to pay more for better customer support, experience, and customer service”. So now you know what’s holding the companies back from a true customer focus! While technological innovation and unconventional thinking are breaking the traditional customer-facing systems, evolving customer behavior is also setting the new standards for engagement. As a matter of fact, customers’ behavior is changing, so are the customers’ demands and expectations. With the evolution of customers’ behavior, better shopping experiences are now a cliché. Significantly, with changes in customers’ behavior, it is imperative that businesses also make the necessary changes that help to build their customer base. Are you keeping up with changing customers’ behavior?

Customers are in control of themselves

Are you making it easier for your customers to get what he/she wants? Remember. If you are not helping your customers to help themselves, you are helping your competitors! At this instant, chances are your competitors might steal your customers in no time! Think about the traditional customer support channels that fall short of efficient customer service. In the past, poor customer service was responsible for two-thirds of the customers abandoning the business and switch to a new competitor. However, at present with the power of technological innovation, just one poor customer experience is enough to let the entire world know about your brand! The result? Your brand image is badly hurt and you lose more customers.

Today’s customers want to find answers to their questions on their own. So, what are the essential considerations that you should make to develop this customer-first mindset?

1. Self-service is a top choice for customer support

Did you know that 40% of customers now prefer self-service over human contact?

Indeed, gone are the days of making phone calls for customer support assistance. In fact, speed being today’s brand communication standards urges the customers to get their answers now, not later. By providing online support to your customers when they need it, not only you implement self-service solutions, but add more value to your self-service portal. With this in mind, consider these simple tips for better self-service customer service solutions:

  • Add Popular FAQs to the self-service home page. This will help your customers find what they are looking for.
  • Use videos, audios or screenshots to help the users to learn how the product works and its usage
  • Include an easy-to-use search field to help customers find their products
  • Make your self-service portal mobile-friendly

2. Personalized customer service channels onboard are a benchmark

Imagine, 86% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a higher level of personalized customer service. Yes, personalized customer service is an excellent way to win a business opportunity. Moreover, this also paves the way for customer loyalty in the long run! Thankfully, helpdesks, CRM systems, and many other support channels are available to level up your businesses and make customer service more efficient and personal.

No matter what platform your customers use, a few cost-effective steps to tailor your service to the customers’ expectations can fetch long-term personal rapport and build customer loyalty:

  • Call your customers by name. using your customer’s name will make them feel twice valued and loyal than businesses that are indifferent towards them.
  • Reward your loyal customers by offering loyalty coupons, free offers or discounts. This simple gesture can go a long way.
  • Encourage your customers to give feedback. Also, reward them for giving feedback. Not only, this will help you to rate the brand experience but also make the customer feel appreciated and valued. Alternatively, this is also an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction.

3. SMS is a way to deliver high-quality customer service

Did you know that 76% of customers globally connect with the brand via SMS? Regardless of the marketing channel of choice, by offering customers a message extension, there’s a chance to initiate a conversation and continue it whenever possible. Isn’t it? In like manner, for customers who prefer texting over voice, personalized SMS helps deepen customer relationships and improve brand loyalty.

4. Not just quality, customers want consistency in customer support

While presenting your brand to your customers, everything matters- right from the look, feel, tone, and even the vocabulary you use. Keeping your brand consistent across these elements ensures that your customer receives a consistent experience while interacting with your brand. For example, customer service interactions that include a warm personal welcome, understanding the need politely, presenting a solution for customers to take home and closing the interaction with a fond farewell can go a long way to build good customer rapport.

5. Social media is emerging as a customer service tool

Another key point often missed is customer care on the social media platforms. While customers are using social media as an opportunity to initiate conversation, brands are also turning this opportunity into promoting content and offering better deals to customers. Hence, many businesses today are leaving no stone unturned in leveraging their brand through social media and building relationships with customers.

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