hen a business wants to generate more revenue the emphasis shifts to expanding the customer base. However, there is little focus on improving their customer support service. Treat your customer support service as a profit center and focus on your business development initiatives. For many companies, customer support is practically the key instrument to generate future revenues. No one can deny the fact that with excellent customer support, you can retain your customers and at the same time drive sales.

There are also cases where firms treat customer support services as marginal profit centers. Because the main goal of customer support service is to reduce the cost of providing admissible services. So, they try to finely tune the IT infrastructure to minimize the call-time. For any business operation, business means sales and sales mean customer support which is the profit center of any business. Several market analysts have argued that customer support service far from being a cost center, is practically a profit-center.  It’s a fact that customers who have a satisfactory brand experience, subsequently spend 140% more than those who had a bad experience.

Turn your customer support into a profit center

Giving the best efforts to customer issues is the standard role of support teams. But simply keeping the customers happy is not enough. You must consider every support interaction as an opportunity because it drives more sales for your business. Now, let’s discuss the best ways to turn your support center into a profit center.

customer support service

Redefine the concept of customer support 

This is very common that a company’s support agents always try to help the customers, but inherently, they have a false notion related to the concept of sales. In organizations where sales activities are not considered a part of the support activity, it will be difficult to change that mentality. But if your agents explain how your full product suite can benefit the customers, and how to fix any issues, then it will be a different form of support. In this case, the customer agent can really support your customer needs, and your team can gain useful insights into your customers’ expectations.

Send supporting emails to your clients

Your customer support team can send two types of email support to the customers when interacting with them – one is the support email and the other is a complimentary email with a thank you note. These two types of communication are necessary. Note that, an email signature is a pervasive part of a professional email. It signifies an effective communication. If you add a simple text in your supporting mail, it conveys great value to the communication and your customer will surely give value to your service. For a promotional mail, add a banner below your signature to draw the customer’s attention. You can offer coupons for a period so the customer to avail at his convenient time within the time frame. The main idea is to surprise a customer with something exciting which he’s least expecting. Obviously, the customer will keep your product top-of-mind.

Take customer feedback seriously

Every day your support team handles real customer queries and issues. So, here is the challenge for your support team, to translate these perceptions into significant information. These you can share across the organization. So that you can constantly prove the value of the feedback and drive for better improvements.  At the end of a successful customer service call, you can offer coupons or request for a referral. You can also send your customer an SMS coupon after an interaction to show your appreciation. This can be a key indicator of the further development of your product or business.

Create support centric strategies

In any business, a customer-centric approach and attitude are one of the best ways to generate more revenues.  An obvious reason, customer support centers can deliver strategic value and at the same time improve the bottom line. It’s better to invest time and resources in this key area so that your profits will increase profits in the coming years.

Engage your customers with lively interaction and stop background music

There is another annoying situation during your agent’s interaction with customers, for some reasons your agent holds them for a while. – “Would you mind holding for a moment?”, and the jazz music continues for several minutes.  Frankly speaking, nobody enjoys being on hold. Instead of placing them on hold, you can continue with them with various new features about a product or upcoming products, and try to get their mind about your brand, etc. This way you can engage with your customers and make them aware of your business goal where they can involve themselves.

Reduce operational cost to optimize your support services

As you understand the importance of customer support service from the business point of view. So never consider any cost pertaining to the customer, as a budget drain. Better find the solution of how automated customer service and feedback channels can save your company cost. You can implement CRM based tool or integrate your system strategically you can extract additional value from your existing investments.

Implement closed-loop management

If you automate your whole service under one system, then you can control all your needs to perform intelligent analysis. It will allow you to make smarter decisions for the company’s bottom line. Using key metrics, you can get the reports for customer satisfaction, agent productivity, and real-time call resolution that built-in dashboards. Undoubtedly, this will help you to scale up your productivity while emphasizing customer support.

 Apply predictive analytics to your support service

Finally, incorporating big data you can get the customers’ expectations and interests. Undoubtedly, having your customer data you can come to know what they have purchased in the past, and in which products and services generally they complement for or interested. The service agents can truly add value to the customer experience. For example, being a long-time leader in predictive analytics, Amazon still invests in customer experience to following suit for other large organizations.

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