utomated ticket workflows improve the efficiency of your customer support agents. At the same time, it also enables you to streamline your support services. Basically, customer support service is an important parameter driving your business performance.  So, we can say that it controls the pulse of your customers in more ways than one. Not convinced. We have highlighted some interesting dimensions linked to workflow automation.

The business case for automated workflows

Customers have service expectations from the sellers. So, the expectations develop right from the initial point of contact with the brand. As we all know, satisfied customers equate to higher sales. Hence, there is constant pressure on the firms to keep their customers happy. Customer service plays a crucial role in shaping customer satisfaction. And, we all know that manual support functions delay response to customer queries. So, the entire support service becomes inefficient. Tickets are not prioritized timely or customers do not receive timely updates. In consequence, enterprises fail to gain customer trust and confidence. And, customers switch to competitor products resulting in loss of market shares.  

You can out-perform your competitors and switch to high-performing help desks. Conceptually, high performing help desks streamline your support tasks using pre-configured automated workflows. Ideally, customer service desks receive high volumes of tickets or events every day. In effect, manually routing these tickets through typical workflows can be a time-consuming affair. Moreover, customers have to wait long to receive responses to their queries. And, we cannot ignore the fact that customers raise service requests only when they are facing problems. Hence, instant response and resolutions are much appreciated. 

Key application areas

Workflow automation enables users to set up the system to perform repetitive tasks and certain manual operations too. Below is a suggestive list of automated workflows you can configure with the help of your service desk tool.

  • Prioritize tickets or events
  • Route the events to concerned teams based on the defined priorities
  • Send automated messages to customers, send ticket update notifications to users
  • Identify a violation of SLA terms
  • Escalate tickets to senior support teams
  • Auto-updating fields

Consequently, automated workflows help in optimizing your service desk functions. Customer support teams find it easier to focus on high priority issues. In consequence, the system escalates complex tickets to relevant experts if required. As a result, customers receive timely responses to their issues. This shortens the resolution time for tickets. Further, customers receive notifications whenever there is any update on their tickets. The system takes care of everything. Hence, it’s easy to maintain high standards of customer service. 

Realized benefits

There are multiple benefits linked to automated workflows. Below we have listed the key impacts automation has on your customer support services.

  • Instant response to customer service requests
  • Reduce manual errors and omissions
  • Maintains consistency in customer interaction
  • Customers are always in the loop and aware of what is happening
  • Support agents save time on performing routine tasks
  • Streamlined support workflows
  • Return on investment is higher as a result of optimized workflows
  • Ensure compliance to agreed SLAs

So, you can configure automation to handle various routine tasks. Ideally, automation involves two distinct components – Conditions and Actions. Conditional statements filter a range of tickets or events. And, the system fires the triggers or actions to the filtered tickets or events. Thus, automation saves time, energy, and costs while improving work efficiency. 

To wrap up

All in all, workflow automation enhances your service desk capabilities enormously. It improves your work performance and process efficiency incredibly. Additionally, customers are happy and satisfied. The business growth potential also increases, as a result. So, if you have not yet deployed a CRM tool that offers workflow automation possibilities, it is time to get one. ngDesk is an all-inclusive CRM tool that supports the extended scope of creating dynamic and automated workflows. Sign up for ngDesk today and boost your business growth objectives.