Benefits of Ticket Management System

What are the Benefits of a Ticket Management System?

A growing customer base is a sign of a growing business, and imagine what happens when you have more customers than your expectations. With an effective ticket management system, you can manage hundreds of calls regarding queries and the resolution of urgent issues within your help desk CRM. In the world of business, customer issues are an unstoppable factor, as there will be customers who need your support while making a big purchase or simply resetting their account passwords. The ticket management system appears to be a real game-changer for your entire team, as it handles current ticket loads, scales your operation with ease, and monitors your progress at every step.

Before jumping into the benefits of a ticket management software, one should understand the concept of ticket management platform as it’s used for registering, organizing, solving urgent queries, and prioritizing a support ticket. A help desk ticket system generally receives an issue, and automatically it converts the urgent query into a unique ticket and notifies your agent on an asap basis.

The online ticket management system works by creating urgent support tickets that record interactions about a customer issue, and the support tickets get shared among your agents and customers, which also acts as a crucial point of reference. Once the tickets are generated, and the agents track them from its inception, till the solutions get shared with your customers. Depending on the ticket’s nature and complexity, issues can be prioritized and escalated to different departments.

Once the issue gets resolved by the support agents, they can mark it as closed, however, a customer can reopen at any point of time if a customer faces any issues associated with it, as a result, they can request a follow-up over the same ticket. An efficient ticket management system helps to manage customer support and customer requests as a whole, and a robust ticketing system has become a necessity for every business organization.

Benefits of a Ticket Management System:

1. A Shared Inbox for All Your Email Communications

Clients can have a wide variety of queries, and that’s put under several departments like sales, support, billing, and help, as all tickets, while being categorized, are stored under one location, just like the inbox of an email. Access to those tickets is given only to the customer support agents for quick tracking of all those tickets and to prevent duplication of the support tickets, and on a priority basis, tickets get resolved by the support agents.

An ideal ticketing inbox of a help desk is easy to use, as it reduces the overall time taken to resolve a particular help desk ticket, thereby increasing the efficiency of the whole process. Further, many questions arise regarding a particular ticket management system, and answering such questions, again and again, creates redundancy, thus, an efficient ticketing system provides an option to create an instant automated response, and the same questions get resolved instantly.

2. Encourage Self-Service with a Knowledge Base

According to a study, by Microsoft 90 percent of business organizations expect online help desk centers like ngDesk to offer self-service portals, as the knowledge base is a fantastic addition to a help desk ticketing system, as a result, it offers user guides, product manuals, and FAQs that enable customers to increase their product knowledge, making them less dependent on a support agent of an organization.

It reduces the number of tickets significantly by 80 percent, thus cutting down on your support costs, and in the long term, this keeps the cost of customer support under immense control.

3. Integrated Live Chat

The help desk ticketing system has systemized ticket management, as well as communication, and at times customers can still request instant updates on their support tickets, or they want certain and quick information as a whole. A help desk system like ngDesk is seamlessly integrated with a live chat system and can resolve all kinds of urgent issues and support tickets within a blink of an eye.

One of the advantages of an integrated ticketing system with your help desk is when your agents are offline, their customer queries automatically get stored as a ticket, and the chat history of customers is carefully maintained for analysis and can be used later to provide customized assistance.

4. Share Real-time Customer Surveys

An efficient help desk ticketing system goes beyond just providing tools for handling customer requests, also, it gives the business owners the ability to monitor their agent’s productivity consistently over a certain period of time. Customers are provided with an option to take real-time surveys through which they can rate an agent’s performance immediately, as all these are helpful in making the required improvements in agents performance.

In conclusion, one can say that ngDesk ticketing system acts as the only point of contact for all your support issues, as every issue or request generated by a user is converted into a ticket that can be easily tracked, prioritized, and resolved by your support agent.

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