Features of Availing Mobile Service Desk App for Your Business

What are the Features of Availing Mobile Service Desk App for Your Business?

A service desk mobile application consists of customer service tools that enable agents to do their jobs effectively on a mobile device, as in most cases, mobile help desk includes a mobile application that brings the features available in your company’s help desk software to a small screen. A good help desk mobile application will offer the essential resources and functionality that an agent uses on their desktops but adapt to make it easier to use in the mobile.

Some of the features of a mobile help desk application are as follows

1. An Intuitive App:

The mobile service desk application has been designed for user-friendly access and fit on all screen sizes. The customer support agents on mobile find the correct articles in knowledge base, and they can share relevant links with the customers, or tap into essential customer details, it will help them do their job better, but a mobile application is only valuable if it makes the mobile experience of a product better.

2. Access Up-To-Date Customer Profiles:

You can avoid many misunderstandings and frustrations if agents have current, accurate customer information, as for example, if an agent recommends a troubleshooting tip to a customer and it doesn’t work, the customer will get in touch with them again, and if the next agent they reach doesn’t know about the previous interaction, they may provide the same tip again. Thus, it’s easy to imagine how you would feel being a customer at the end of the call, as most of us don’t have to imagine it because it is a common circumstance. However, a mobile helpdesk needs to provide agents a way to access customer profiles updated in real-time and easily make new updates to them based on each interaction for the next agent to see.

3. Live Chat Functionality:

An efficient help desk mobile app will enable customer interactions in all the main channels customers like to access, and one of the most important means of communication for the agents using the mobile help desk is the live chat, since it’s a channel where speedy responses matters. The agents that respond to live chat inquiries in real-time on their mobile devices can quickly help those customers who are looking for fast and easy answers.

4. Compatibility With Multiple Device Types:

Your agents are likely to use a range of mobile device types, and for your mobile help desk to work well for all of them, it needs to work just as well on iPhones, Androids, and various tablets. The application that the vendors provide if not compatible across the device types will lock out the portion of your agents.

5. Security:

Anytime agents are adding or accessing customer’s data, security appears to be a crucial concern, thus, ensuring strong security across device types is a big challenge. A service desk product that provides a high level of security features on the desktop should provide the same for their mobile version.

6. Notification:

To take advantage of the benefit of faster response times, agents need to know when a ticket comes in, as mobile notifications ensure they get pinged on their device right away. It means if an agent is busy doing laundry or on a team call, as long as their phone is nearby, they will know within seconds that there is a new customer service inquiry to attend.

To sum up, we can say that a well-designed mobile service desk provides your agents what they need to be even more effective. It means more of your customers will get faster responses on the channel of their choice.

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