health-tech startups Improving Patients Experience

What are the ways a health-tech startups can Improve Patients Experience

In the post covid era, health tech startups around the globe rose to the occasion and raised huge fundings to reshape the health care industry and some of the examples of health tech making headlines are as follows:

It’s difficult to argue that human beings have reached a digital tipping point, and the patient gets benefitted from the sudden shift, whether through easier appointment scheduling or more availability of remote providers. Let’s discuss on to see how health tech startups are transforming the patient experience.

1. Helping Patient Manage Benefits and Find Providers:

The process of scheduling appointments and managing health care can be an overwhelming task, and it has been made even more complicated in the post covid era, although new tools are helping take the fuss out of managing care, and in some cases, evolved the way doctors and patients sync with each other. In the wake of this pandemic, the health-tech company provides an integrated benefits management system for employees, and through this collective health portal, patients can easily search for covid providers in their area, and if they have queries about health coverage, one can start a live chat with a support agent. After the immediate conversation, the agent can follow up with a secure email confirming what they discussed. The process of customer service where customers can easily switch between channels and retain important context is called Omni channel customer service and in turn, it provides customers with greater flexibility and made the overall process a lot more seamless.

Similarly, some organizations have created home monitoring devices that enable the general physician to track a patient’s heart, lungs, abdomens, temperature, and heart rate, as the solutions come in handy for patients who don’t want to visit a doctor’s office in this post covid scenario, and these health tech startups also can open up new ways of care for the future.

2. Improving Access to Mental Health Tools and Services:

Since the outbreak of the pandemics, people have started struggling with mental health, and different kinds of counseling therapy applications offer guidance regarding meditations, sleep stories, and mental health tips through which people who can’t visit psychologists can keep themselves calm. Patients seeking the help of a counselor can connect with the aid of different applications or, in some cases, via text-based therapy, as solving a customer issue rapidly, also known as first contact resolution is a helpful strategy for any customer service team, but it’s crucial when you have customers in crisis.

Sometimes mental health issues make it hard to think, as the most common symptom is impaired executive functioning, which means routine behaviors are tough to complete, as for instance, emailing back and forth with customer service could be mentally tiring and add to the user’s distress. In this context, the ability to help your customer get fast, reliable assistance is good for your business.

3. Connecting Data Dots for Prevention of Covid Cases:

The health-tech industry is rising following the covid pandemic to address Covid impacts, as health tech startup plays a crucial role moving forward collectively to prevent future outbreaks. The budding health tech startup companies often studies wastewater to understand public health issues such as the opioid crisis, since the spread of the Covid 19 across the globe aided the health tech startups to test wastewater for viruses. The analytics and reporting tool of these health tech startups estimated that several new cases are spreading within a community, and information like this also comes with lots of client queries.

Health-tech startups across the globe think that engaging with customers and providing accurate information is a crucial differentiator for them. It is something that the founder of these emerging health tech startups is serious about delivering a great customer experience which is important because other laboratories may have the same capable tools, but they fail to provide urgent reports.

Meanwhile, these health tech startups have been on the frontline of vaccine distribution and outreach efforts, helping patients find securely available vaccine appointments while honoring HIPAA standards (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for patient privacy. Following the rise of the global pandemic, the health tech startups across the globe are funding to transform the overall health care industry and save as many lives as possible.

As we have discussed the ways to improve patient’s experience ngDesk CRM is also having a vital role to play like patient data integration, segmentation, live chat, and email support etc. In this context read this blog to know how the remote customer support agents of health-tech startups provide emergency services in the covid impact situation.