What is live Chat System?

What is live Chat System and How does it work?

Phone calls don’t work out for customers due to the prevalence of different time zone, whereas email takes too long to respond to a particular customer query. At the same time, self-service options definitely lack personalization, as a result, it fails to cover different kinds of scenarios.

Thus, the question that arises in the mind of the reader is

What is the alternative?

The answer to this question is pretty simple:

  • The live chat software, as it helps to address all kinds of customer query
  • They are convenient and easy to use.
  • Within a live chat application everything happens online, and it is the with the aid of real time communication system that customer problems are sorted out.

The above three factors made the live chat system gain popularity and it is the fastest way through which organizations and its customers can communicate with each other seamlessly.

To take our discussion further, one need to understand the concept of live chat software

What is a live chat system and What are the features of ngDesk live chat system?

As already told in the above paragraph, that live chat is an online communication app that enables an organization and its website visitor to chat in a real-time scenario. Online chat is basically an alternative to phone calls or emails. All you and your customers need to do is type their query inside the chat box and send it.

Whereas, the chat feature of ngDesk live chat system is an effective means of connecting with your customers, and the Chat option is deployed as another Channel that allows customers to raise tickets, interact with customer support agents on the live platform, and resolve issues quickly. In other word, the live chat system of ngDesk is easy-to-use and assign chats based on the customer support agent’s skill level and current load to ensure your customers always get the best of the services.

However, live chat system keeps your customer happy by delivering superior customer support services and easily manage chats and provide the satisfaction your customers deserve easily with smart assignment, integrated self-service knowledge base, chat bots, powerful workflows and distributed notifications as a whole.

Some of the features of a live chat system of ngDesk are as follows:

1. ngDesk Live Chat System Provide Instant Support

The all-in-one live chat system of ngDesk enable the customer support agents to have everything that they need to solve problems all in one place, thus, leading to faster resolutions of customer query and increased customer satisfaction as a whole.

2. Automate ngDesk live chat system with a chatbot

With the aid of ngDesk chat bot system, organizations can easily qualify leads before interacting with a customer support agent, and also, select from in-built templates and build their own customized workflows to meet their goals at once.

3. Use ngDesk Live Chat System on the Go

Always view, update and respond to chats on the go and get notifications about changes via push notifications, and simply access the full power of ngDesk from anywhere with our user-friendly mobile apps to ensure you and your customers are always up to date with the ongoing chat system.

4. ngDesk Live Chat System comes with an Actionable Dashboard

Through ngDesk live chat system get a quick overview of your chats and monitor real time chat volume, agent performance and customer experience all in one place within a blink of an eye.

5. ngDesk live chat system can be Integrated with several platforms

The live chat system integrations and plugins will easily integrate directly into your website, and also directly integrates into Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more.

After discussing the basic concept of live chat software and its features now, the discussion will revolve around

How Does Live Chat Work?

Online chats of ngDesk works inside a chat box of the live chat app, but what is quite important is that your visitors do not need to install anything on their devices. To chat with you, they do not need to sign up to any service, either.

Now the basic question arises in the mind of the reader is

How will the visitor know that you offer a live chat support functionality?

The answer to this question is pretty simple, as they will see a widget in the lower corner of their website. At the same time, it offers two kinds of view to your customer and you.

1. Visitors view:

  • According to the visitors view, this a chat box that your visitors see when they click the widget
  • Inside the chat box, visitors can type some text and automatically attach a file
  • They can also send images, emojis, and links as well

2. Live chat operator’s view:

  • This is the Conversation section that the live chat operator can view
  • Here, you type and send your responses to chat, Messenger, and email messages
  • You can see all the incoming chats on the left

As a live chat operator, you have more powers, and here what you can do that your visitors can’t:

  • One can easily Access their analytics dashboards
  • Track your visitors and customers to see what they browse and for how long
  • Create canned responses to respond faster
  • See what your visitors are typing
  • Integrate your live chat with many apps and platforms for a more efficient workflow
  • Assign operators to individual chats and re-assign them whenever needed
  • Download chat transcripts and view chats history
  • Use a mobile app to chat with your customers on the go

In conclusion, it is said that as an organization the more you chat with your visitors, as a result, the more opportunities you get to collect some leads, and sooner or later, you will have a decent number of contacts in your database. Thus, you can convert leads and nurture the existing customers by using ngDesk mailing, and together with chatbots, it comes as part of the service when you register your account. All the three tools i.e., live chat, chatbots, and mailing are free with ngDesk CRM.

Time to try ngDesk live chat system for your business today!