Software asset management (SAM) is a business methodology with the aid of it an organization can quickly reclaim budget and maximize value by actively governing and automating procurement, usage and deployment of software licenses and subscriptions as a whole. SAM is basically a technical approach through which organization can maintain the record of number of software licenses purchased with the number of actual licenses consumed or used, and it basically means there exists several valid reasons why software asset management is important for your business as a whole. There is global shift in trends with respect to SAM and it has been witnessing the change, where market is expected to grow around 3.83 billion by 2026 according to Verified Market Research.

To take our discussion further, one need to understand the benefits of software asset management system within an organization as a whole

  • With the aid of SAM organizations can easily reduce their software and support costs by negotiating on the volume contract agreements and eliminating or reallocating underutilized software licenses
  • At the same time, organization improve their worker productivity by deploying the right kinds of technology more seamlessly and quickly
  • Limit overhead associated with managing and supporting software by automating IT processes such as inventory tracking and software deployment

Thus, with the aid of SAM program one can easily gain valuable insights to enable cost cutting and compliance management as a whole. Imagine that you are an IT executive at a top software company and it is your organization that uses software from hundreds of vendors, spanning both on-premises to cloud solutions, and one of your top initiatives is to save budget and cut expenses. To achieve so, your organization must understand which software licenses they are actually paying for and then what percentage of those licenses in reality are actually being used. As most organizations are shifting to cloud-based software that can be purchased and accessed without IT explicit approval, the task of identifying licenses and usage has become increasingly difficult as a whole. This is where software asset management is really helpful.

To take the discussion further, time to understand the importance of Software Asset Management system, and the question that we address in this particular blog include those of

Why Software Asset Management (SAM) is Important?

Software Asset Management program aids an organization to monitor the number of licenses you have for each software vendor, and it can then provide you with the number of empty or unused seats allowing you to check the overall usage within the organization. As a result, organizations can renegotiate their contract with the vendors whose licenses aren’t fully utilized and change those licenses with people in the organization who are in dire needs of it. Thus, Software Asset Management enables you to maximize your investment in your software packages and products as a whole.

However, organizations SAM program needs to be absolutely responsible for ensuring the usage of the software, and keeping with the terms and conditions of the specific vendor license agreement. As a result, it ensures that the organization is protected from liabilities associated with a vendor audit and that can result in a hefty price tag within an instance.

In conclusion, it is found out after thorough research that an organization software portfolio is quickly expanding into private and public clouds with bring your own software license, at the very same moment, Microsoft is creating a hybrid usage rights and IBM is offering Cloud Paks, and it is thought that capacity-based licensing in the data center was hard. All You need more than a workflow to optimize your software spend and mitigate audit risks—that’s where ngDesk comes in and it is the only SAM solution to solve the exponentiality of licensing with the depth, breadth, algorithms and automation required to truly create a trusted and accurate license position as a whole.

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