igital experience is making waves in the retail industry. Customers share their product or support experience with friends and acquaintances. Experience defines their satisfaction levels in the context of the brand. However, crafting customer journeys is not an easy task. Especially, when customer experience takes into account the digital channels that are widely used for purchase and decision making. However, the basic fundamentals of customer service remain the same. Customers want prompt service and instant resolution of their problems. And, it is no hidden fact that positive experience improves retention. 

The customer experience journey

Customer encounters considers all interactions that take place between the customer and the brand. Essentially, this begins right from the point of product awareness to exploring product attributes, comparing alternatives and then the final purchase decision. Hence, each interaction point can have a positive or negative impact on the customer that shapes their association with the brand. Further, customers with positive experience become loyal brand advocates. It’s an ideal win-win situation for both customers and the brand. 

The entire customer journey has several dimensions to it that must be considered while designing the experience strategy. Basically, this begins with having a good idea about what your customers expect from the brand and what are the key parameters influencing their decision. Further, building an emotional connection with your customers provides a strong foundation for shaping a meaningful and positive experience. However, you should not forget customer perception of the experience is liable to change over a period of time. And, this may be on account of several other forces that influence customer perceptions and service expectations. Competitor strategy is one such force responsible for changing customer expectations from brands. So, make sure your customer experience design strategy adapts to evolving service conditions.

Find our infographic below to discover some insights on crafting customer experience. 

infographic provides customer experience

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