re you are looking for a Zendesk alternative? Switch to the best ticketing platform. Customer support service ratings take into account prompt and timely resolution of issues. A good help desk software empowers the agents.  Adopt a dynamic service desk tool that can be customized to meet your specific business requirements. Each business is different in terms of operational goals and the procedural setup. So, evaluate the tool on its flexible capabilities. Can I customize the tool to meet my evolving requirements? This is a good question to ask before making the decision on the right service desk tool for your business.

Most importantly, the right help desk software delivers the perfect mix of several features. The key features to look out for include easy navigation and friendly user interface. Further, you should be able to create customized workflows. ngDesk offers a highly customizable ticketing platform that blends in with your specific business requirements using automated workflows.

Below you will find listed the top few reasons why you should choose ngDesk over Zendesk.

Streamlined customer support services

Both Zendesk and ngDesk offer streamlined approach to managing customer requests across multiple support channels. ngDesk enables you to respond to customer emails, text messages sent via SMS or Whatsapp messages. You can also respond to Facebook posts, queries raised over the Live Chat instantly or make calls to your customers. Further, you can track the communications history for each customer using the powerful search tool. ngDesk offers a friendly user interface. This makes the platform easy to streamline support functions.

Service desk automation

The scope of automating customer support tasks is improved with the ngDesk platform. You can build custom workflows using a combination of triggers, SLAs, schedules, and escalations. You can customize your layouts to generate specific view of customer data. What’s more, the configuration options enable users to setup automatic management for agent workload, automated notifications, create optimized workflows for maximized efficiency.

Self-help Knowledge Base

Both Zendesk and ngDesk offer knowledge base – a powerful tool to create and build customized content. The articles provide users with an efficient means of resolving their system issues, answer product related queries, find useful tips and techniques of using your product or services. The knowledge base not only reduces the number of customer tickets but also the time required to resolve specific issues.

Cost Considerations

The comparison between Zendesk and ngDesk highlights that both platforms offer almost similar features but while you pay a premium pricing for these features with Zendesk, ngDesk offers all these and more, free of cost. Cost is one of the key considerations while selecting appropriate helpdesk software for your company. The ngDesk system offers a comprehensive package that can be configured to meet and match your precise business requirements. And yes, if you consider the cost aspect for this tool, you have a lot to gain.

So, sign up for ngDesk today and avail all the features of a world-class helpdesk software FREE of cost!!!