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ngDesk’s CRM runs on an all in one platform, providing sales pipelines, workflows and quoting together.

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Easily track the progress of opportunities from lead capture to sold and automate repetitive task with easy to build workflows.

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Pipeline Management

ngDesk sales pipeline management provides intuitive workflows to track your leads and opportunities as they progress through your pipeline. Get a consolidated view of opportunities in your pipeline, customize your pipeline stages and use workflow automation fast track your sales process.

Multiple Pipelines
Customize pipelines for more opportunities.

Document Tracking
All sales communications in one place.

Filters & View
View the most important leads only.

Data Import
Import external sales data files.

Automate sales processes & tasks.

Identify bottlenecks & process improvements.

Opportunity Management

Create and manage your sales pipelines to streamline opportunity management. Identify leads, send follow-up emails and maintain communication history to close deals in no time. Your sales team will score easily with this user-friendly tool.


Workflow Automation

Create deal workflows to automate opportunity progression. Configure automated tasks to trigger tasks & activities to make sure no deal slips through the cracks.

Product Inventory

Upload your product lists or service offerings. With all this information at your fingertips you can easily provide prospects with product information and easily track what you are selling to your customers.

ngDesk PRODUCT INVENTORY interface
ngDesk QUOTES INVOICES interface

Quotes & Invoices

Quickly send customized quotes and invoices to your customers to ensure a smooth sales process. There is no wasted time switching between platforms. Opportunities from start to finish all in one place.

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