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    What Our Customers Say

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    ngDesk is a great free tool which helps us in streamlining the issue-handling with external partners. Easy in set up and adjusting to our needs.
    Peter Coppens, ITC MANAGER
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    I recently took over our managing our NOC and have a background in managing an IT service desk. We didn’t have a ticketing system and were using old fashioned spread sheets. I started researching ticketing systems that had free trials in order to sell it to upper management. I stumbled onto NGDESK and was amazed. At first it was good enough for what I needed. It lacked some bells and whistles that would have made it perfect. Within days of my suggestions to the team, the features were added. I amazed at the responsiveness and shocked that this is free! The competitors … have nothing on NGDESK! Free and better! I am never leaving!
    Karen Stevens, NOC MANAGER