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Manage your software asset all in one platform and gain insights to enable cost cutting and compliance management.

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We’ve made software asset management easy!

Save money and maximize usage by automatically discovering software assets to ensure full utilization and compliance.

Optimize Assets

Take control of your software assets and save on unnecessary expenses. Make budgeting easier and track spending by product and vendor. Ensure you are maximizing software usage and track compliance in real-time with live dashboards and analytics. Our Software Discovery Probe automatically identifies all the assets in your organization, scans for new software and automatically updates asset information.

Software Discovery
Identify all assets in your organization.

License Tracking
Compare number of licenses to usage.

Lifecycle Management
Track assets through phases of usage.

Analytics and Reporting
Metrics give you real time insight.

Workflow Automation
Automate renewals and routine updates.

Track purchases, renewals and subscriptions.

Software Discovery

Gather all software license data in one place to generate relevant insights about your software usage. Our SAM tool scans all devices to create an inventory of software used in the cloud and on-premises applications.

Audit Protection

Protect your business with continuous compliance monitoring. Review license renewals and manage licenses from multiple vendors all in one place to reduce audit risk.

Slash Software Costs

You can slash at least 30% of your IT budgets if not more. Take control of budgets and make informed decisions with a consolidated view of spend. Reduce costs with improved financial forecasting. Gain insights into where and how your software budget is spent.

Hassle Free Set-Up

Silently install the asset discovery agent and assess the true exposure and impact of software. No tricky installation procedures. Click a few buttons and you are ready to go.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage your software assets right from the requisition stage to the procurement and retirement of assets. Our intuitive workflows simplify your asset management needs.

Interested in IT Asset Management as a Service?

Let the experts take care of your asset management program. No charge IT Asset Management as a Service from SubscribeIT. Save time and money with experienced professionals, cloud hosting and IT Asset Management tooling included.

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