Free Cloud Hardware Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management runs on an all in one platform, providing clear results to enable cost cutting and compliance management

We’ve made hardware asset management easy!

Automatically assign tickets to different teams and view tickets from all your channels in one shared inbox.

Shared Inbox

Our customer support and ticketing system was built with agents in mind. It was designed for productivity and teamwork so that you can do more than respond to customers. With our easy to use platform you can assign tickets to individuals or teams so it is always clear who is working on each ticket. Prioritize, link and tag tickets so the most critical tickets are solved first.

Pre-made Responses
Save and reuse common responses.

Custom Layouts
Select the data to be viewed and how it is sorted.

Custom Fields
Add fields to store additional data you need.

Merge Tickets
Combine tickets about the same issue.

Audit Log
View each and every change made over time.

Receive notifications about changes and updates.

Happy Customers, Happy Agents

Our intuitive design and all-in-one ticketing page means agents have everything they need to solve problems all in once place, leading to easy to faster resolutions and increased customer satisfaction.

Customize and Personalize

ngDesk is easily customizable to meet all your needs, create custom fields, layouts and workflows to maximize business efficiency. Personalize the logos, colors and titles so your teams have a seamless experience.