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Manage your hardware asset in one platform and gain insights to enable cost cutting and compliance management.

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We’ve made hardware asset management easy!

Automated network scanning and hardware device configuration details at your fingertips.


Hardware Management

Our hardware asset management tool scans your existing IT infrastructure and lists the resource details in one place. Track your hardware device configurations, deployment details, and licensing information to optimize asset use. Manage the lifecycle of your hardware assets from requisition and procurement through its eventual retirement.

Hardware Discovery
Automated probe scans for hardware assets.

Asset Inventory
All hardware device details stored in one place.

Lifecycle Management
Manages assets from procurement to retirement.

Reduce security threats to your IT assets.

Reports to identify usage & reduce waste.

Automatically add new hardware to your assets.

Hardware Efficiency

Our hardware asset management solution reduces your IT budget through its intuitive workflow design that tracks your device usage and lifecycle stages. Streamline your IT resources for optimal performance.


Hardware Asset Tracking

Scan your devices and log a complete inventory of your physical components (desktops, laptops, servers) as well as network components in one place. Making it easier to manage and optimize your IT resources efficiently.

Budget Optimization

Take control of budgets and make informed decisions with a consolidated view of spend. Reduce costs with improved financial forecasting. Gain insights into where and how your hardware budget is spent.


Complete Lifecycle Management

Manage your hardware assets right from the requisition stage to the procurement and retirement of assets. Our intuitive workflows simplify your asset management needs.

Interested in IT Asset Management as a Service?

Let the experts take care of your asset management program. No charge IT Asset Management as a Service from ngDesk. Save time and money with experienced professionals, cloud hosting and IT Asset Management tooling included.

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