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ngDesk’s knowledge base and self-service portal allows customers and agents to quickly and easily find answers to their questions.

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We’ve made self-service easy!

More than just a collection of articles, ngDesk knowledge base integrates with ticketing and chat for a seamless experience.

Searchable Knowledge

Our knowledge base was designed to empower your customers and agents. It keep articles organized, well structured and make collaboration easy. All articles are secured with easy to use access controls and are optimized so they can quickly be found by customers and agents.

Powerful Search
Easily find relevant articles.

Flexible Permissions
Fine access controls so your content is secure.

Rich Text Editor
Add photos, videos and attachments.

Custom Themes
Customize the colors, look and style.

SEO Optimized
Optimized for search engines for easy access.

Tags and Labels
Tag your content to automatically group it.

Easy Customization

Build a library of self-service articles with our WYSIWYG editor and allow customers to help themselves. Easily format your articles and add images, videos and files.

Tag and Label

Group similar knowledge base articles with tags and labels.

Flexible Permissions

Control the creation, editing and visibility of knowledge base categories, sections and articles to specific users or groups.

Knowledge For Everyone

Create a self-help portal for your customers and an internal knowledge base for only your team.

Multilingual Support

With ngDesk’s multilingual knowledge base, you can create support articles in 11 different languages. Provide support to your customers and agents around the world in the language of their choice.